Most new relocating small business owners in a Maine town started out with a simple visit to the community first.

Maine vacations are the spark that ignite the intense wildfire blaze. The kindling triggering, exciting, energizing the insides of a person. Who for way way too long has been smothered, cut off with the toxic pace of urban living.

The person in the wild blue yonder audience who aches, screams out loud inside daily for the simple, small Maine town rural way of life.

Who warms up nicely to the friendly Maine people. Fits right in. Longs for the black velvet night sky studded with brilliant stars overhead. The clean air, the crystal clear full time waterfront recreation options. The lack of pushing, impersonal city crowds surrounding them that they can not get free of, away from daily. Maine provides the magic soothing, therapeutic massage for these folks not made to do city dwelling.

All the Maine small town living elements working their charm, magic to refresh, recharge folks who are bruised, pretty much bone weary tired.

Had enough of the city that they decide is just not for me. Killing them slowly. Starving for space, thirsting for the endless supply of the wide open outdoor space of Maine. With more wildlife than people for neighbors.

Maine where’s there little traffic, the 4th lowest state for crime, no noise or the grime or stench you just can’t wash off. That the city mouse is used to putting up with because of all those people. Jammed in an over crowded city where all the jobs are. Where eight out of ten people are forced to live today. Or are they any more?

When the realization solidifies that whoa, wait just a cotton picking minute. I can see myself living here in the great, unspoiled four season outdoors of Maine. How to do it starts with some basic needs. Internet connectivity, speed of thought broadband access is key. For two reasons. To let other outside vacationers discover the Maine signal that tractor beamed them to Vacationland. To keep ’em coming. For the next tech savvy vacationer to stay connected to the outside while visiting Maine’s willy wags. FACT: No polar bears in Maine.

To telecommute to work out of state from Maine.

To tap into the outside markets for those stepping up for rural living full time. Who brought their city job with them thanks to new technology option advances. That is the key to the survival of small Maine towns. To stop outward migration or the memo being issued of “last guy out, remember to shut off the lights.”

Sitting in home office den at a desk with a desktop or laptop computer, a fax machine, phone lines ready and waiting to work. Or setting up shop on the second floor of a small Maine down town office building. In a dirt cheap office suite reporting to work from Maine but telecommuting, online. Far away from the town lines of the small Maine community is where you head, report to work.

The wire or fiber optic pipeline that funnels the information, the conveyor belt for the media streams needed to connect the Maine burg with the rest of the blue and green spinning marble. With the urban world centers where all the people, customers, clients are forced to live. That the transplant new small town business owner to Maine relies on to provide a service to, for selling a product. All produced in good old Maine. Bring your old job out of state with you and consider telecommuting online from Maine.

Rural area tourism where the local characters that are the gems in a small Maine town are put on camera, handed a microphone to tell their story.

What is special about a Maine small town should not be kept a secret.

You can live here but work outside and we’re not talking merchant marines gone for six months, here for the other half of the year. You work online down state, out of state or the country but live in Maine thanks to a little device that changed everything. Leveled the playing field, the Internet. That puts a small Maine town on equal footing, overcomes the distances away the mile marker reminds traveling. Puts you in the city 9-5. But living in small town Maine after work is done. The best of both worlds is possible.

Sure our kids in Maine can still head to the cities but online. Still live where the call of the outdoor, the hiking Baxter Park, the biking Acadia’s pathways and stone bridges happen. The paddling kayaks on a bottle smooth Maine lake are fit into the schedule more than once a year on vacation. Or white water rafting the Kennebec, Dead, Penobscot rivers lots of times. To sit in the sun on a Maine harbor open deck feasting on fresh seafood. Roaming the old port section of Portland visiting quaint boutiques, quirky shops. Local bean suppers, living off the land healthier homesteading, creating a craft sold for bigger money outside Maine. A safe place that is wholesome to raise your family with a lower cost of living price tag to pull it all off is where Maine shines brightest. All because you chose to live in Maine, but work online outside Vacationland’s funky shape outline.

Maine is holding all the face cards for a straight, royal flush of quality of life. In jaw lowering, drop dead gorgeous four seasons surroundings. Maine, come for a visit. Then see what happens once she grabs your heart, gets into your system. And good luck trying to stay away from that moment forward. It’s that special in Maine. The place with the space, that’s all natural, unfiltered, unspun.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker