More and more windmills in Maine are populating the hillsides, mountain ranges of Vacationland.

Harnessing the wind. Using giant egg beater looking contraptions of white pointed skyward stems. Rotating heads spinning to catch the breeze. Neck reined by whichever way the wind gusts.

To create a buzz. The juice for the transmission lines. That carry the electrons to the large consumer markets for electrical power users to the south.

Maine Wind Generators
The Tall White Wind Generator Stem And Three Very Large Blades Harnessing The Wind.

Ask for the local read and you get lots of reaction to wind farms in Maine.

Plenty of emotion over the topic of wind generating projects in Maine. No one candy coats it. No hot air. Unless propaganda to soften the blow when the talk for wind generation arrives in your field of vision.

Either way of the dial swing can happen with wind power in Maine keeness. Some see wind generation using the 300′ or more long prop driven blades as tres progressive.

Thinking the wind generating heads spin money into the local coffers. Create local jobs, pad the property tax base. These babies need repairs, maintenance. That means people running grease guns and turning torque wrenchs.

Repairing maintenance roadways. Clearing trees along the powerline corridor for the trip to energy markets. (NASCAR pit stop wheel lug air wrench sound… RRrrrrr. RRrrrr.)

Others shake their heads side to side. Think it is the most UnGodly thing that could happen. Their ancestors probably had flip flop nervous stomachs too. When phone and power came right by their home that ran nicely without it the day before.

Maine Wind Power, Like It?
Wind Power In Maine. Lot Of Hot Air? Or Pure Logic, Genius?

These new fangle wind beaters popping up on radar. Thinking take away the wind farm tax credits for energy production and poof. You would see the giants come to their knees for scrap metal. Like crash landings without the wheels down in the war movies. Lots of bent props, rototilled roughly forest bed ripped up with brute Mother Nature force.

Wind generators. Read all about them in the buy, sell, swap guide of Uncle Henry’s someday.

Make an offer and own your own megawatt GE wind beater.  To cool your whole house parked on a clothes line extension for the stiff Summer breeze please. Relocated to the the back yard or escorted out on the rear forty acres.

Whoomp whoomp whoomp.

And the beat goes on as Sonny and Cher sang when together on the stage sharing the same mike. Before the love dried up and marital knot untied.

Spoiling the view, tearing up the terrain to access the elevations with bulldozers followed by cement trucks in low range for the twisting climb uphill.

To anchor the huge wind generating platforms that hold the pin wheel tri-bladed heads that track the gusts. Along the Maine hardwood ridge overlooking the crystal clean lake the glacier carved out for wildlife and man to enjoy. To protect, preserve, pass on to the next generation for more of the same.

Drews Lake, Oakfield Maine Wind Generators.
The Drews Lake Sunset Before Lake View Wind Generators Popped Up On The Oakfield Foot Hills.

Some think wind generation in Maine is fine and dandy.

As long as the wind farms are not in their backyard. Or on Mt Katahdin, anywhere in Baxter Park. NIMBY’s in Maine, don’t cross them.

The generators for wind on Mars Hill Mountain that you see as you step into the boards after hearing the solid heel click. To ski and carve through new fresh white snow.

On Big Rock where wind generators dot the hillside north and south. Visible by skiers and motorists out on US Rt 1 alike. Wind towers are now a familiar part of the landscape for all to see.

As the giant white steel shafts curve and flex gracefully straight up. Are very close, impossible to miss as you scooch forward. To heave ho, hop up and off the chairlift. As you reach the summit. To downhill ski the groomed course again.

On Mars Hill, there was already a tower or two for television and communications. Lighted up and guy wired. Along with the ski area that is a glow at night with evening skiing. So with commercial activity already happening, what’s a couple more towers some would argue. That don’t look at them daily. Or really have a debate dog in the fight.

Buzzing during the winter months in Mars Hill, central Aroostook County. Sharing the landscape with the golf course on the north end of the range almost in Canada. When snow high tails it from “The County”.

Maine Windmills, Like Them Or Not So Much?
Noticed Any Windmills In Maine Or Wherever You Live Today?

Wind generators in Maine, after the first collection of 40 to 60, the shock of seeing them diminishes.

But like it or not, they are a reality. More on the planning board, in committee for design review. And the stamp of approval or modification to make them pass muster on all levels. So locals in the municipality like Oakfield Maine can get their check just under $3000 a year.

Maine wind towers, the generators. They do look like those two legged Star Wars toys that are big, clumsy, over shadowing the land. The AT-ST walker although missing a leg. Only one to stand on. Swaying, straining but not roaming much.

What says you about energy independence and ways to create our own? Or to reduce the use of juice or to cut the tether, the wire altogether. To simply live off grid in Maine.

I have a summer home on Drews Lake where ta da.

The red light marking the flight obstacle as required by the FAA on every tower now blinking.

Are like waving watery fingers, extending the projects closer. Of red tower lights that are not just in the distance on the Oakfield foothills wind generators popping up at this point in time.

Maine Land Photo
Maine Has A Lot Of This… Just Land. No People, No Wind Generators Or Anything Man Made.

But extending over the water in a lazer like shadow of reflection. To let you know progress with wind projects in Maine like it or not. Are underway in Southern Aroostook County. And blue printed for other venues one by one to go online.

Other parts around Maine’s hillside where wind generation would be perfectly positioned if no local objection to the farm projects happens.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker