Making snow on Maine’s ski slopes costs lots of money.

Empty ski mountain chairs don’t crank in revenue. Anything like farming, seasonal dairy bars, outdoor go carts or mini golf that depends on the weather being blue sky and sunshine. Not rain.

It’s a finicky proposition. And today, there are so many choices for things to do for fun. Competing with an overbooked families time. To visit the nearest small Maine ski area mountain for some gravity driven fun on one or two skis. Or a snow tube.

Maine Snow Sledding, Snowmobiling
The Average Snow Sledder In Maine Spends $150 A Day. Win Win, Big Fun & New $$$ Happens.

So to make money beyond when the snow is on the ground, Maine ski areas have tried boatloads of activities to create steady income.

To extend the season beyond just when the snow flies. After April until the pair of year end holidays appear on the calendar.

Endurance runs up and down the hill, through mud, under barbed wire to simulate boot camp. Inviting snow sled groups in to cook outs and music fests. Before the trails are groomed and sleds put into action.

Micro breweries, craft beer maker tasting sessions are another crowd pleaser. For folks who don’t coward, chicken out and head to the sunny south destinations.

Fall foliage rides up and down the chair life. Or gondola line that is idle three seasons and not putting a dime into the company coffers.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Saving On Home Heating Costs One Hobby, Sport We All Try To Master.
Maine Lower Temperatures Mean Turn Up The Heat On Home Fuel Oil Conservation.

Have two local mountains in Northern Maine to get a downhill ski fix quickly.

One in Mars Hill, Big Rock that is working on profitability.

The other technically in Canada, Crabbe Mountain.

But nothing like staying, spending a holiday or long weekend at Sugarloaf USA .

Or Sunday River Ski Area. The others dotted around the Maine countryside. To give good reason to stop waving the TV channel changer wand.

To avoid the trips to the refrigerator to crack open a Ben and Jerry’s.

To hunt down the cheese doodles. Or pop a top of a barley pop. Pour a gurgle, chug alug of warm or cold, stemmed glassware sampling of high test grape juice.

Maine Outdoor Blue...Which Shade?
Maine, Try To Describe Which Shade Of Blue, White Happening Here.

Golf courses parked next to ski areas. Hiking trails to use the hill and dales for better health.

All of it makes you want to preserve your local small Maine ski area. Learn more about Maine’s snow ski industry.

To preserve the sport, the outdoor Nordic pastime of attaching the boards.

And plying the new fallen snow in Maine during the winter months. When we get outside just like the other three seasons. We don’t hibernate through any of them.

Are you a skier, thinking of snow even thought spring, summer, fall in Maine are pretty darn special?

Or is climbing on an ice rocker, a Maine snow sled more your speed? To hit an open field trail or smooth lake ice bed and pull the trigger for a burst of sheer thrill?

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