Traveling is fun and enlightening outside Maine but instate it can take a lifetime to discover the local turf.

Next weekend have a family reunion to attend in Flying Pond and know zip about that area of Maine.

For starters, I am very familiar with local recreational waterfront options like Drews Lake that got plied, surveyed with a kayak yesterday. But Hhmmmm.

maine lakes ponds
Year Round, Maine Lakes, Ponds Get Enjoyed. Used Like The Outdoor Living Room.

Where, how to get there and what is Flying Pond all about?

For starters, check with the state about the fish, the waterfront body itself.

Details on Flying Pond.

Vienna and Mount Vernon Maine in Kennebec County covers the where is Flying Pond. It is 403 acres large. 8.7 miles long, 27′ feet average depth and 80′ deep maximum.

You have to consider like lots of the lake study done way back in the 1940’s that not all the numbers can be taken as gospel though.

Maine has a lot of lakes. Somewhere I read about 2200 in number for how many Maine lakes.

And don’t even think about how many islands to visit. (Hint: 3166 islands in Maine.) Without splitting hairs on are we talking coastal or inland islands in Maine?

And what is the plain jane, garden variety difference… if something is labeled a Maine lake not a pond?

Or the other way around. Usually Maine lakes have different layers of temperatures and ponds have one consistent one. But the inlet, outlet of a lake or a pond is what makes the major difference.

Map of where Flying Pond in Maine is. And better yet, directions on how to get to Flying Pond in Central Maine.

Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde Maine
Port Clyde Maine’s Marshall Point Lighthouse. Pretty Any Seasons. No Tourists In Winter Under Cobalt Blue Skies. Sample Fresh Air, Snow And Sunshine.

Well, maneuvers with the mouse says plan to sit back and relax.

Cruising at about 24 inches  off the hot top and tick away 3 hours, 18 minutes. Log give or take 188 miles from “The County”, the “Shiretown” of Houlton in Aroostook.

Will report back about a new area of Maine to share which is what this blog posting series of hunt and pecks is all about right?

Lighthouses in Maine have taken the reins in some of the exploration of Vacationland in the past.

Like a past post on Burnt Island lighthouse. Or the Cuckholds Lighthouse off Southport Maine. Just a few hunted down, photographed and that got ink in the blog post stream of insertions.

And as that personal collection of state landmarks grows, I remember some inland lighthouses in Maine. A little fuzzy but remembering someday to capture another one or two that were not your traditional along the coast of Maine lighthouses.

Maine Lighthouses
Some Maine Lighthouses On Rivers, Inlets, Not Parked Out On A Sea Island Or Craggy Shore Line.

Because the location of Flying Pond is in Kennebec County, maybe lighthouses along the river of the same name might be handy enough.

To snap snap of the shutter to cut and capture. To be fodder for future editions of the blog post stream.

They are out there.

Maine lighthouses on Kennebec River.

Busy plotting how far and if a little course deviation coming or going to Flying Pond might be possible. To capture addition imagery to share online in this forum.

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Anything Maine.

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