Maine's Burnt Island Lighthouse.
Burnt Island Maine Lighthouse In Boothbay Harbor Sits On 5 Acres.

Maine has a neat collection of lighthouses.

Some along the coastal rugged rock outcroppings. Others up inlets feeling more like parked on river settings. Than the classic, romantic solitude of the many out to sea island unique locations. I’ve had fun collecting photos, images of Maine lighthouses. The slow but steady quest to visit them all continues.

Burnt Island Lighthouse located east of Southport Island Maine, Southwest of Boothbay Harbor is surrounded by activity of boats plying by.

Sailboats, motorized vessels and paddled personal crafts buzzed around the island lighthouse and home while capturing images. And doing the research on this blog post shows like the other Maine lighthouses, all have different history, styles. Plus the Maine locations that make them stand out, shine, special.

The Burnt Island Lighthouse tower is 30 feet high.

From it emits a flashing red navigational light aid every six seconds, a fog signal blast in ten second intervals. The present Burnt Island Maine lighthouse built in 1821, a year after the Vacationland received statehood. This lighthouse was automated in 1988. Public tours and educational walks are offered summers. Here is more on the five acre Burnt Island, lighthouse spiral staircase tours.

The buldings, house and Burnt Island lighthouse restored to look like they did in the 1950’s. It is a great place for a picnic, a family outing to see the historical photos. To learn about the culture, heritage surrounding this Maine island lighthouse. The five acre island and Maine lighthouse, home, buildings owned by the Maine Department Of Marine Resources.

Maine kids tent, camp on Burnt Island as a field trip. Exploring vegetation, rock formations, and the field trip educating on more than just the Maine lighthouse folklore and history.

Get to Maine, explore our lighthouses, collect images of moose. Sample our blueberries, lobsters, Maine potatoes. Climb Mt Katahdin, ski down Sugarloaf, paddle the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. Bike up Mt Cadillac for a sunrise. Meet the people, the real flavor of Maine and our four season outdoor living simpler lifestyle. Maine is the place with the space. More of the rich things in life money can not buy. Thanks for being a faithful follower of the Me In Maine blog posts.

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