Maine is not a state known for a giant population.

Maine Lighthouse In Winter
See The Light, Maine Is The Source.

More wildlife than people in the wide open, unspoiled spaces and places we traipse.

Chasing, then stretching the dollar is one reason the numbers are low.

Not everyone will and some argue it is more survival than living in Maine.

But hunger improves the taste.

Increases the appreciation for what you do have that was worked hard to obtain. And demands respect, care in preserving it.

Because marching out to replace it is not done easily when the bank account is only so fat.

Not so roly poly.

And major chunks of it are already earmarked for this, this and oh yeah, that too. There is a cost to just existing, breathing and keeping the food and water flowing no matter where you are.

But if a depression, stock market crash happened, I sure would rather be in Maine than a concrete jungle.

We would make a game out of the rise to the occasion. To live simpler, more like pioneers and camping out appreciating just the basics.

Relaxing, Living In Maine
Maine. Sit A Spell. See What Happens One By One To Your Senses.

Some will argue Maine IS a great place to live.

If you can make a living.

Or have an income that follows you here into Maine retirement.Or are sampling it, hitting the highlights on vacations whenever possible.

Why do I live here in Maine?

No better place to raise a family is one reason. Here are a slew of others at this link.

Your standard of living to be happy, your spending habits and impulse control all weigh in too.

What do you need to make to just barely connect the ends of the rope. Or to sleep better nights because you are not mortgaged to the hilt.

Maine Whitewater Rafting
Maine’s Pure, Natural, Fun Waterways. Tap Into Them. Protect And Preserve Them.

Not wasting resources and overspending. Is tied to the overhead of any location where you decide you are best served to hang your hat.

Eeyore’s happen. Some folks would be unhappy no matter how many sacks of money surrounded them.

Stinking thinking it is dubbed.

Despite being waited on hand and foot with hired help to try to improve their life.

All the latest and greatest stuff and round the clock pampered adoration attention is medication for the symptom.

Not the cure.

Because it is not real, not all about others. Do the 180 degrees in thinking, your life outlook. Replace thinking you deserve pampered to instead be challenged. Not get comfortable and to grow, expand, become way way more.

Maine Simple Living Blog Posts.
What’s Cooking Inside, Outside When You Live In Maine? Plenty!

I think in the final analysis we get more for less in Maine.

And have more enriched lives because greater awareness happens. Less clutter, 4th lowest crime, cheap real estate where you don’t need a mortgage.

Low cost insurance for vehicles that don’t get stolen. More about meat and potatoes essentials in Maine. And that is more than good enough. Digging deep to be more happens inside a Maine person.

Live here long enough and you get it in what is important. Relationships, the connection is stronger in small rural Maine living for sure.

We need each other and depend on the back and forth to do more than survive.

In small Maine towns, folks look out for each other. Not ignore or snub or play the smug and aloof character.

Each and everyone one of us in a small Maine town has a vital role.

maine small town living
Children, Our Greatest Entertainment, Investment In Maine Small Town Living.

Not out to impress but to pitch in. What can I do to help?

Would be missed if plucked out of the social fabric.

Our large funerals pay homage to the importance every member of a small Maine community has in the burg or village or plantation. The hole they leave when they depart the Earth.

No one is too busy or caught up chasing their tail to miss the essentials in healthy living in Maine.

We count our blessings morning, noon and night. And we enjoy the four seasons of Maine year round. Not just a long weekend a year to sample Maine’s all natural, pure beauty and simplicity.

In Maine the simple living approach of our daily thinking means one particular question gets asked inside your head. A lot. The one about “do I need it or just want it?” We develop the two flavor choices if we don’t get raised with it ingrained deeply as a youngsters along the way to adulthood.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker