How did they live years ago without power? Quite nicely.

No hair dryer for Suzie’s wet hair. Or straightener, crimper to plug in to alter what sits on her head.

Clothes hung out instead of tumble dried. Fresh air not a sheet of fabric softener applied in a little longer process on days that are still. Or no time at all when a stiff breeze removes the moisture while flapping whatever is secured to the line with wooden clothespins.

Living off grid is independent.

Maine Gardens
Maine Garden Bounty, Creating Wealth From The Fertile Soil, Farm Dirt.

Solar heated, powered homes in Maine.

Making your own energy beyond just heating with wood. We run into them, alternative energy homes in our day job as a Maine real estate broker.

And like the organic farmers, back to the land homesteaders, the approach to living is kept rock steady clean, simple, enriching.

Reducing it down to remove the clutter. And the waste, added expense created to fuel the unnecessary. That only serves to distract, detract from that simple living.

That approach to Maine’s day to day existence here requires a constant vigil. To be centered and have purpose.

Round the clock effort reminders needed to never loose track of that less is more in Maine.

Gardens, Flowers In Maine
Maine, All Four Seasons We Spend Most Of Our Time Outside. It’s All Natural, Simpler Living.

And to always be on the look out for ways to steady as she goes. Not get caught up in anything that takes the eyes off that approach to living simple in Maine.

To keep it all natural, unfiltered and refreshingly lasting to endure. Not ever store bought and artificial, short lived.

Creature comforts, are those enough for you to be content? You have a full belly, shelter that is warm and clean. Family that surrounds you and health of any of them is not a concern. Is that all you require or is something nagging, missing from that simple approach?

Maybe highly effective marketing is causing the doubt, the nervous in the service feeling that something is missing.

You need this, should have that, deserve to let the World know you are one of a kind special. The only one in your breed or species and hail to Dorothy to be revered. Held in high regard.

Not everyone can handle simple living. Partly because life has been nothing based on that up to this point. Or that to embrace that angle on living would be weak, depriving you are all of life’s goodies. the bounty of wealth that is out there for the taking.

maine simple living
Outdoor Four Seasons Recreation, Our Living Room Is Outside In Maine. Fresh Air, Wide Open Space, Wildlife.. Reasons We Live In Maine.

When you living in Maine, it is always an effort to reduce, reuse, recycle and living below your means to avoid debt.

Or worry about making the ends meet. Survival skills are honed to a sharp point. But awareness and being keen on what matters happens inside a person with that walk in life in Maine.

Is that the take away at the beginning and end of the day where you hang your hat on planet Earth now?

Maine, there is another simple approach to living all natural, unplugged in Vacationland.

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