Haystack Mountain, a 1142′ high elevation 4 miles west of Mapleton Maine is a great early climb for a family.

The picnic area across the Route 163 west of Presque Isle is the location of Haystack Mountain in Aroostok County . Haystack Mountain has a great place south of the junior climb. To prepare for or to lunch at after the short hike. Plenty of parking at the trail head staging area too.

Hiking, Climbing Haystack Mountain.
Hiking, Climbing Down Off Haystack Mountain In Castle Hill Maine.

The trail up Haystack Mountain is moderately easy.

To complete for the youngest hiker in the family to conquer with a just a little help. About 75% up the Haystack Mountain trail, veering left for the shorter members of the family works best.

To scale, get to the rock outcropping at the top. That offers tremendous views of the rolling Aroostook County landscape.

Of trees, lakes, just miles and miles of countryside loaded with wildlife. Not so many people. Have a seat, peer around you and bask in the beauty of this junior climb in Aroostook County Maine.

Another less challenging climb if a family of all ages is looking for a hike with a view in Maine is Horse Mountain.

Horse Mountain is located at Baxter State Park. And, like Haystack, is under the 1600′ high variety. That gives a feeling of success to the junior hikers that follow the blue dashes painted on the rock and trees to guide them to the peak.

Climbing, Hiking Up Haystack Mountain, Aroostook County Maine.
The Top, Climbing Haystack Mountain In Castle Hill, Aroostook County Maine.

Horse Mountain provides the tremendous views that take a little less effort to achieve which is important to start the life long passion of hiking, climbing Maine elevations.

The fresh air, snack of trail mix along the hike and lunch on top while taking in the panoramic views hits the soul.

Creates a peace that happens a lot in Maine and that is hard to describe to someone who has never been here.

But the satisfaction becomes a tradition to revisit and add to the trail hiking, mountain climbing family fun collection.

Low cost vacations in Maine usually mean camping, cooking outdoors. Sleeping under the stars. Using Mother Nature’s living room of lush green, other  colors depending on the time of year.

Westfield Maine Log Home Photo
Hugs From Grandma, Family In Maine Is Special, Important.

Whatever the season you decide to roll into Maine’s vast outdoor playground that’s trips the senses. Turns up the volume of what is going on inside when you are outside exploring Maine.

To be surrounded, wrapped around by the wilderness of Maine.

That requires respect, good stewardship and a carry in / carry out mentality. One of tread lightly. To protect and preserve for the next visit. Teaching the generation ahead to approach the same respectful way.

Outdoors, we want to spend our life there when lucky to live in Maine full time. This past weekend was an enjoyable easy climb and circle trip around Northern Maine. Stopping off at Grandma’s home in Westfield Maine for a visit. To enjoy a hug. The ending of another day living in Maine, the way life should be.

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