The down hill event that since 1934 has entertained families with gravity racers.

Cars built to be the fastest to the bottom of local hills. To make the big trip to the World Series Of Soap Box Derby Racing in Akron Ohio.

Derby Hill In Houlton Maine
Long Hill, Fast And Smooth. Maine State Soap Box Derby Racing Venue In Houlton Maine.

Maine racers have done very well in the three lane famous race out in Ohio. June 20th is the 20th running of the Maine soap box derby statewide program in Houlton ME.

Watch the video from the 2014 Maine State Soap Box Derby Race to get a gist of what this event is all about, how it runs.

The principles learned through soap box derby racing cause a lifetime of memories. Learning family fun through gravity racing.

Lots of science involved that a kid can apply and benefit from unlike some textbook exercises to teach the same things. Plenty of luck of the who did the driver get paired up with for racing heats all plays into it.

Mechanics, friendly spirited competitive racing all mixed in with being a good sport. Win or lose and learning how to master lane one and two in the big race for the state of Maine. The one at Derby Hill in Houlton Maine’s Community Park.

Maine Soap Box Derby Racing.
Started Young, Soap Box Derby Racing In Maine. A Family Fun Sporting Affair.

Soap Box Derby is a national program that operates on the World famous Derby Downs in Akron Ohio.

The local race is annually held to produce a winner, the “Champ’ to be eligible to compete in the AASBD race against other “Champions”.

A rally program allows allows participants to earn points by racing in events around the region closest to the driver and his or her family. Rally Champions  compete in the AASBD against other winners in from around the country.

Stock, super stock, master drivers are part of the car racing division breakdown.

Stock racers are 7-13 and the car they drive takes approximately five hours to assemble from a kit. The racer in their stock cars are approximately 5’3″ tall and 125 pounds. The car with out driver or weight tips the scales at around 61 pounds on the dial.

Super stock racers for derby down hill runs have drivers 9-18, the same assembly time as the stock cars. The size is up to 6′ tall, 160 pounds or less.

Maine State Wide Derby Racer Smiling Ear To Ear.
Happy? I Guess. Drove Hard To Win, Place In The Top Eight For Maine’s State Soap Box Derby Race In Houlton ME.

The masters division of soap box derby racing is for 10-20 year olds. Up to 6′ and 160 pounds in a lay down design. Shields and tucked inside with only the eyes visible in a masters soap box derby car. The assembly time varies on the skill level and imagination, resources of the Master driver and his or her support racing.

All the cars are sold as kits through the International Soap Box Derby.

The kits for cars include everything with the exception of Z-Glass Racing Wheels and weights.

Love to talk about the Maine soap box derby program and here to use as a resource. 207.532.6573 is the daytime number to call with your questions. Work this week to track down empty cars, find derby drivers to wheel them down the big Derby Hill.

Have had two of my own kids make it to Akron Ohio and helped others make it to the prestigious race out west. Will share how to get a program started, what it involves for manpower and resources needed to pull off a local soap box derby race.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker