Maine is under populated, unspoiled. And the best experiences are when you can get where man does not tread often.

Nooks and crannies not opened up and commercialized are what rural Maine’s wilderness is all about. But tapping into these areas easily is not always so easy.

Outside Trail System Snow Sled Grooming.
Hop On Your Snow Sled… See Maine Snowmobiling.

That is why support of grooming trails in Maine is critical. To the economy, to support the many sports. That use this network of natural access. That criss-cross Maine with bridges to span waterways.

To provide funding for the twitching trails, removing brush. Putting up directional, warning signage. To make sure your vacationer or locals are always up close and personal with the wildlife. On top of, overlooking the ride by of the waterways.

To take in the drop your jaw long views. To hear the sound of the wind. The rushing streams, rivers, water fall drops. To breathe in deeply the fragrant Maine woods. To slow down, unplug, recharge in Maine.

The vanity plate for grooming trails assistance is for local Maine residents only. Started by Candice Pinkham of Presque Isle Maine, the hope is to sell 2000 plates.

It is important for Maine’s extensive snow sled trail system to be heard about online. So those vacationing families and friends can plan yearly trips to experience Maine. To help the coffers of the small communities, clubs, groups that support the trail network. If you groom it they will come.

Maine Winters, Not Spent Indoors. Not On A Couch!
Snow Shoeing, Hoofing It Or Riding The Groomed ITS Snow Sled System?

The evolution of Maine snow sledding has been an interesting one.

Things have come a long way from the days of riding just the back forty. The change a spark plug, tinker for two hours to ride for one on pretty much non-existent groomed trails. Maine, see it riding.

Snow sledding in Maine is a great way to fill your lungs with fresh, crisp, clean air. And bring your camera. You will want to capture the scenery that is sugar coated with snow In Maine.

When you step off, hit the red handlebar square button. Turn off and listen to the sounds of Maine in the woods, on an iced covered lake.

The connection between you and the Maine surroundings bumps it up a notch or two. You figure out what is important in life, where your priorities should be and are in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker