Valentines Day is racing toward us.

And if you are lucky enough to be in a healthy relationship, it is your Christmas, 4th of July, birthday, all the holidays rolled into one to celebrate. Thanks to Cupid’s handiwork. Because you are not alone. In a relationship that is one of a kind, completes you. That is a glass slipper fit for two people that both know they are not perfect. But that imperfection blends.

Each bring something of value to the relationship for what is missing. So eventually you can not tell where one ends and the other begins. With all that combined good, value added in the partnership. With desire to improve together that is more than enough for a rock solid strong, lasting bond pledge.

Maine Small Family Values.
Family First And Last In Maine. Raising Them. Attacking Others Is Not The Target.

Your other half is your better half.

The one you are with makes you try harder. She or he is your defined purpose on Earth. What was missing. And that you respect, cherish, honor and glorify.

“Love is bigger than you are. You can invite love, but you cannot dictate how, when, and where love expresses itself. You can choose to surrender to love, or not, but in the end love strikes like lightening, unpredictable and irrefutable.”

Maine is a place for lovers. She herself is pretty drop dead gorgeous. Without the spin, makeup, bear grease or vanilla extract dabbed behind the ears. Offers all the intimate, private, special places to spend time, get to know. She pulls, tugs at your heartstrings persistently.

Maine Is One On One, Talking, Sharing, Learning.
Asking Questions, One On One, From The Locals Works Best. Tapping Into The Grapevine.

You come to Maine for a day, end up staying a lifetime.

She offers space, unspoiled natural settings.

Clean running water, fresh crisp air, elusive wildlife, deep still woods.

Frees you up, Maine she does says Yoda.

Creates the loud quiet so you can hear yourself think. Sobering, helping you focus with 20-20 or better clarity. To see, hear, sense completely what it really is for the all that matters in life.

Maine. The people in your face everywhere you turn are missing. All that radiates from too many folks pushing, shoving and coming at you like asteroids in space in all directions. Poof. Gone. Can you handle that lightening the load you carry? To create inside space for the outside areas in wide open unspoiled Maine?

Find Yourself Outside In Maine.
Unplugged, Hard Wired Into Maine’s Outdoor HBO.

Lovers, families, retireds, nature seekers, those wanting to work the dirt, live in the woods or around water all thrive in Maine. Because the stresses of an urban area disappear. Less people, less problems. Simpler approach to living happens in Maine. Hear her whisper, flirting, motioning to come closer?

Relationships improve, more time for each other. In spiritual gardens is part of it.




Protect what matters most in your relationships in Maine. She will school both of you in a no nonsense, respectful way. Maine, don’t keep her waiting. Stop punishing yourself by staying away so long. Get here quick as you can to Maine. Any reason, any season.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker