What are the Maine snow sled, snowmobile ITS trails like in Northern Maine?

Maine Snow Sledding, Snowmobiling
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It is no secret Maine takes how it grooms Maine snow sled trails pretty serious.
And the local towns, folks all pitch in, roll out the red carpet. To make sure you feel like a VIP when you trailer and drop or snow sled into their Maine town. Looking for a place in the region to eat, places to stay. To spend some time exploring, discovering a part of Maine so so different than just the sea coast towns that get all the splash. Most of the spotlight attention. Find out what was left out of the Maine tourist information brochures. Come visit the “Crown Of Maine”.

The Official Snowmobile Trail Report 1/8/2014 From The Desk Of:

Kathy Mazzuchelli Caribou Parks & Recreation Department

55 Bennett Drive Caribou, Me. 04736 207-493-4224

“Everyone is feeling the wrath of the Polar Vortex and I am not hearing anymore global warming theories…. Although…..how the heck can you get rain one day and have it minus 20 sandwiching the showers.

Maine Snow Sledding, One More Outdoor Recreational Option.
Maine Snowsledding, Hop On, Have Fun, Get Off The Couch. Stop Hibernating.
Fortunately the rain didn’t hurt the snow sled trail system which was awesome over the weekend but check out some of the cautionary notes….. Frozen ground doesn’t absorb water, running water goes downhill, running water is warm and as long as its running it doesn’t freeze so if it looks like a puddle…..well it probably is and it will take a few days to freeze over.

Water from recent rains has been collecting on rivers and lakes so you will find a lot of slush please use extreme caution. Pretty near everyone noted some water holes in low lying areas that are not freezing too quickly despite cold temps so be alert and try to avoid them wherever possible.

Deer and moose have been sited everywhere so please use extreme caution especially riding at night especially on 83 and 83 B in Caribou where there are significant deer.

Keep in mind that there are some long distances between gas stations so look at the reroutes and plan accordingly.

There is an active logging operation on ITS 81 the border trail on the Limestone section so please proceed slowly and with caution.There will be plowed sections on ITS 85 near Ox Bow, north of Ashland on the reroute and north of Wallagrass most of which will be remedied with snow.

Trail Info …

ITS 85 Now open from Shin Pond north to Ft Kent and Madawaska. There is active logging still on the Ox Bow end with 3 sections about 1 mile each. Ashland was able to complete their reroute but they need snow so you will find plowed road for a bit. Also the section north of Wallagrass is now open but needs a bit more snow. 71D is not open.

ITS 83 All the reroutes on the southern end have been completed but remember to watch for signs. Also there are three active logging ops between Linneus and Dyer Brook so follow signs, keep right and slow down. Sledders will have to use caution. Also there is a considerable reroute between Bridgewater and Mars Hill that is well marked but you will leave the railbed. From there on it is clear sailing but you will come into logging as you approach Madawaska.

ITS 81 This trail has not been groomed from Squa Pan to the ITS 85 intersection but Mars Hill has coming to Squa Pan. Heading north from Mars Hill everyone has been out but there is a logging operation on the Limestone section of the border trail section of 81 that is very active so USE EXTREME CAUTION.

ITS 92 This trail is in good shape with all projects out. Just a reminder that 92A out of St Francis to Carter Brook is closed until the end of January or mid February due to logging. Also Allagash is grooming a trail to Glazier Lake and that does connect of ITS 92 even though it doesn’t show up on the Northern Maine map.

ITS 90 Everyone groomed early this week and will be out by Friday. Watch for deer !!

ITS 88 Ashland was out on this week to open their section so this trail is now open through to Ft Fairfield. Remember there is a reroute on the section in Ft Fairfield Maine so watch for signage.

ITS 86 This route is open east and west with good conditions but again there may be plowed sections on the Ox Bow end so use caution. And remember sadly the Ox Bow Lodge burned down earlier this winter and the Masardis Trading Post also burned down……both represent a huge loss to the area. 71D is not open yet.

ITS 105 Is open to the 81 intersection but may have limited grooming on the Squa Pan end.

ITS 120 Now open all the way through from Eagle Lake to the 92 connection south of Allagash.

Rt 100 Now rerouted back to the old route between Caswell and Rt 89.

Rt 89 Now open between ITS 83/90 in Caribou north to the Rt 100 intersection only. It is NOT open to the 94 intersection.

Rt 94 Van Buren is grooming through a logging op so watch for signs and PLEASE stay off the road.

Daigle and Soldier Pond both have been out but remember. Rt 73B between Ft Kent and the 83B intersection in Daigle is closed so use 73C to get into Ft Kent Maine.

Connector 61 is groomed from the ITS- 83 intersection on Sam Drew Mt in Oakfield to the Railroad crossing near the Oakfield- Smyrna town line.

From the Oakfield/Smyrna line north to the intersection with Trail 81, Trail 61 has been packed but not groomed.

The 1/2 mile section of Trail 61 that uses the Brown Rd in Oakfield has been plowed and is currently being used by logging trucks. This is a very narrowly plowed road and extreme caution is necessary.

Trail 64 on the Smoki Haulers end has been groomed.

On The Social Side …

Meduxneakeag Ramblers Breakfast Saturdays 6-9 a.m. at the clubhouse.

Washburn Trailrunners Breakfast /Lunch Saturdays 7 a.m.-3p.m. Sunday 7 a.m.-noon at the clubhouse.

Presque Isle Snowmobile Club Stew Nights Fridays 5-7 p.m. at the clubhouse.

January 12 Fort Fairfield Club Breakfast 7-10 a.m. on the Strickland Rd $7 adults/ $4 kids under 12.

January 19 Portage Lakers Radar Runs Registration 9 a.m.

January 25 & 26 Long Lake Fishing Derby…..7 lakes and $12500 in prizes !!!

February 8 10th Annual Andy Santarre Sno-Run call 207-498-6431 for more info.

February 8-9 Caribou Downtown Ski Festival.

February 15 Caribou Snowmobile Club Hot Dog Roast ITS 105 Stockholm starting 10 a.m.

February 15 Portage Lakers Pie Auction 7 p.m. at Deans.

February 28-March 7 Youth/Junior World Championship Biathalon Nordic Heritage Ctr., Presque Isle.”

Thank you Kathy for your dedication year after year to snow sledding trails reports for Northern Maine.

Proving, driving home the point we don’t hibernate winters in Northern Maine. Like the other three seasons we are outdoors. All year round.

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