Turbulence like a plane where the captain reminds with a toggled overhead light and a friendly voice.

From upfront to baton down the hatches out back. To buckle up people. Maine winter winds that can produce gusts like not so friendly sky air turbulence. We are experiencing that flavor around us today in Maine.

Great kite weather though. No black flies or need for sun screen protection. As metal roofing, shingles, vinyl siding gets peeled away here and there. Rocking, creaking structures fighting back, feeling bullied.

Winds gusts causing white out driving conditions too. Drivers to grip, grab tighter on the 10 and 2. Holding tough to the steering wheel suddenly with a mind of its own. High air speeds acting nothing like a gentle summer breeze. Quickly with no warning pushing vehicles where their pilots don’t want them to go.

Making driving visibility poor to blinding. The snow we do have to pile higher in some driveway drift deposits. And then again to become ground bare, broom smooth clean in other spots. All due to Maine winter wind gusts just doing some outdoor huffing and puffing. High powered exterior house keeping.

Maine Snowing. Getting Out On Top Of The White Stuff.
Getting Around In Maine, Lots Of Options In Vacationland.

But as the four seasons of Maine page turn by quickly, greenhouse thoughts are on the minds of some. Seed catalogs in the hands of many.

You don’t need to own a lot of land in Maine to produce an abundant variety of quality food.

It just involves rich, healthy tilled soil. Worked smooth and fine. To play host to the carefully planted seed beds and transplant of vegetables and fruits. That lead to summer, early fall harvests if tended correctly. Nurtured to put wholesome food on your family’s table. The excess you don’t use sold, given away, donated to a local food pantry.

In my travels in Maine I see lots of greenhouses of all types, styles, sizes. Filled with a medley of items incubated. The greenhouses all differ depending on the builder’s imagination and thickness of the wallet he sits on.

Using what you have in a new way.

That is the survival spirit on a Maine farmstead. Many old wooden storm windows replaced with permanent storm insulated glass get eyeballed. That no longer are put on and taken off after a Maine winter like evergreen fir bough house banking and craft paper or canvas. Those old windows become excellent greenhouse building materials if taken out of dusty, dark retirement from up in the machine shed loft.

To recycle, lay into place, fasten and given a new tasty use twist. Here is a link to DIY greenhouse options.

Maine Organic Food
Since 1971, MOFGA Has Helped Organic Farmers, Gardeners In Maine.

Organic farming in Maine especially benefits from transplanted stock. That went to prep school. To get the jump on weeds and grasses.

That feed, crowd and grow wild from the same fertilizer cocktail spike. In the rows side dressed, intended just for the seedlings. But that other wild and crazy weed plant life tap. Can help themselves to like it was welfare and do from day one.

We had a greenhouse on the Maine farm I grew up on.

But had not thought about how big a hot house, greenhouse would work best at this stage of life. Until a visit, Unity Maine road trip with my partner. To MOFGA for an educational meeting recently. Plus the reading material picked up on the way out after the organic Asian salad, the same raised pure turkey pot pie did not hurt either. For motivational brain storming about sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture.

Sustainable Agriculture, Woodlot Management Training And More Happens Here At MOFGA
A Place For A Demonstration Farm, For Offices, MOFGA Headquarters In Unity Maine.

Do you have a garden, and trying not to sound sing song like the nursery rhyme but just how does it grow?

Do you have your glass porch window sills lined with peat pots in anticipation? In preparation for getting down in the dirt. Newspapers spread around kitchen counter tops with the same rows of starter plugs.

That will show up in many rural Maine homes as temperatures go up, winter winds die down.

To get germinated seeds jump started correctly for Maine spring planting.

Raised under a watchful eye, a grow light array or just Mr. Sunshine. With the right mix of nutrient essentials sprinkled into the perlite. Then each tall green chute, stem, clump slipped into their designated neighborhoods. The ones out behind the house in the family garden or larger Maine land acreage.

Maine land, we have plenty to break you off a big or little piece. We can help with that dream, goal in your life to know what you eat. Because you prepared, raised it from scratch. Were involved in the entire food chain process from greenhouse to field. To root cellar to the much anticipated serving it all up. Piping hot and ready for the come and get it at the family table.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker