“Take your time and don’t live life too fast.

Troubles will come and they will pass.”

Think of words that are in the same camp as “simple”.

Do you reach tip toe high for those essential happy, content building blocks in your daily rise and shine?

Or maybe chasing other glittering rainbow pathways. Trying to locate what is missing. It’s not outside, but inside. Wage wars there instead of finding fault with others to blame.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.
Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

Maine is a natural beehive for simple living.

Because of sheer less people to navigate around, that strips away the distractions. Let’s you really crank up the volume on the deep woods wildlife and crystal clear water wonders. Hear yourself think.

Get in touch with me, myself and I. Feeling stronger, not crumbling when the trails gets a little steeper. Littered with rocks and roots to cause a painful stumble if you don’t pay attention.

More weight shifted to the mindset that “you can do it yourself” in the four season unspoiled Maine surroundings.

Hard to handle but easier to hold, none of us are angels as Greg Allman reminds.

When belting it out in the key of “G” harmonies with back up musicians adding to the melody. He is no stranger to your dark. Wanting to be let in, to start a fire within your heart. Never lifting a hand to hurt. In the drive you crazy. Go for it, make it count.

Maine Fall Colors, Are You A Leaf Peeker.
Fall Colors In Maine, Courtesy Of Jack Frost.

Everyone gets tested, wears scars and stripes from the lessons learned along the way.

When the focus is a tad less than 20-20. And having to rely on others for the answers, the missing puzzle pieces in your rifled through cardboard box.

Panning for the gold washed, sifted out crouched by a Maine stream bed. It starts with you getting centered, then cue the others to flock together right?

No quick fix cheat sheet to peel. To curl back one corner of the top plastic layer and quickly dial in numbers on the microwave. Slow down on the fast food for thought. Real life short cuts that work in the long run are few and far between. Baked slowly tastes best.

Maine Is Less People, More Space.
Way Too Close, In Your Face. That’s Not “Purr-fect”, Not Maine.
Hunger improves the taste remember?

Not something Monarch, Cliff Notes zipped through to game and conquer to achieve another layer level star.

Push away the game console. Park it on a shelf. Unplug, get outside in Maine for the simple answers. Only found outside your bubble.

Maine. Learning early on if you follow your heart, consult your gut and head.

Get your sleep, eat right, think about others and avoid stinking thinking. While settling in to a rewarding, simple life doing full time days and nights in Maine.

Others with all they offer from the same amazing community pantry cupboard of talents. Pitching in for the real, lasting takeaway experience only achieved collectively.

All the people. Knowing that you need the entire small tight knit Maine local community kept intact, not allowed to fragment. That you can do this if you try. But won’t unless reaching, digging deep and helping yourself from within first. To be something you love and understand as one Southern Band embedded above explains. So you are ready step it up. To take your place. Do more within the small Maine town community.

The airwaves, news stands, beauty salons, barber shops, sidewalks are all choke full of dime store wisdom on how you should whip your life into shape.

To make more days blue sky and sunshine always. Not so swirling gusty, windy with loaded drama. Instead to rest easy in the shake and bake, lock and load. To carve out a life that counts. To make it have a purpose beyond just entertaining yourself.

Don’t grow callous, grow strong. And follow your heart and what you understand by keeping it a simple approach to the life in your lap. To have that life be something you love and understand as the song reminds. As the guitar and soloist share what Momma told him when he was young and receptive to instruction. When reminded, don’t ever forget to listen closely. As you sit down along side someone you trust. Maine, we keep it simple to make it the kind of rich money can not buy.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker