The noise of silence can be deafening.

But slowly what is down low and in the background in Maine gets turned up and enjoyed. Outdoor sounds of Maine include feeling the fog rolling in off the ocean coastline. The rustling of dried, curled and colorful leave explosions in the fall during the second bloom.

The crackling of wood, spitting and sizzling if a tad green on an outdoor circle of rocks and friends.

Rain on a tin roof. Hail against a side window. Crickets, Maine lake loons, Northeastern gales that can make the loose second floor original windows of an antique farm house.

Or in town Victorian smasher three story sound like a vibrating kazoo. A blade of grass between your palm thumbs flush with lots of whoosh. Or to head to your knees. Say your prayers. Worried about the roof of an old barn blowing off. In the creaking, rocking, reeling in the middle of a full blown storm melt down of Maine weather.

But while you are biking, climbing, skimming the surface of a Maine lake, a little bring it along to enhance the experience is neat too.

With music that is trending in your World. Between your ears, behind the pair of peepers. Here is a glimpse of a music log of where I enjoy today. Share your bands and songs and the why in the comment section.

Maine, the outdoor sounds of the four seasons are more than enough.

But adding some talented music, a band to help remember the moments. All add to the take away sizzle. Enhances the ride. Get to Maine, don’t keep her waiting. Try not to stay away so long.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker