Precious, uncommon, experiences that you are involved in, participate.

Not pay for and attend, watch. Maine provides the understated natural beauty with wide open spaces, plenty of fresh air, clean water. And less people. More wildlife. They say hunger improves the taste. And life is all about the take away, the quality right?

Where you are, the location times three is important beyond just selecting the best real estate property listing for you.

When your surroundings are kept beautiful, uncrowded then the need to seek thrills, distractions, self medicate to compensate for lacking elbow room disappears.

Maine Is Less People, More Living.
Recharge, Unplugged In Uncrowded Maine.

When you work to create the event, life ritual and not just stay on the fringe as a voyeur, the depth of the experience accelerates. Expands like buck shot. An umbrella opening up.

Hitting deeper, more completely, cleanly. Because it is real, raw, unfiltered. Not spun, not mass produced. But personal, hand built, home made.

Kept simple. So one note can carry the tune. Stand out and not get lost in the noise. To be seen, witnessed, enjoyed and appreciated. Maine, understated.

Humble, sometimes not able to use words to do her justice in the answer. To what’s it like in Maine. Whoa, how long do I have to even try to begin to cover that answer?

Maine people are not simple, their lifestyle is by choice.

Less layers of man made, expensive store bought means you have room inside to expand. To allow learning, discovery, ongoing self exploration to take place. For growth, maturity and richness in your life.

Pride is the wrecking ball of relationships. Because you take all the credit, figure you earned it, are the cat’s meow.

Like food planted, cultivated, picked locally. Prepared with loved ones all having a part in the feast. Spread over the family table, all causes the taste to improve.

Rock Solid Maine Is Special.
Simple, Stunning, Real, All Natural. Maine.
Because nothing artificial happens. No clutter or agendas to impress. No vending machines, lip service of pleasantries. Just sustenance with in season food, and maybe trips to the root cellar, food pantry other times of the year in Maine. To nourish and satisfy completely. From the bounty of your own sweat, dedication, love for the lay of the land.

The option of having a meal to dine on, removes the notice of the hunger mental memo down below. Flashing in neon that comes alive after working outdoors in Maine.

Doing more to be self sufficient. To take up the slack in the shift from working three mental sapping city jobs to make money to hire services performed. To it’s up to you Bub. And don’t be afraid to reach out, ask for a little helping hand.

Maine Is Outdoors, Using Only Natural Ingredients.
Maine Living, All Natural. Rock Solid Simple.
From others in the same boat.

You learn to need, lean and trust someone besides yourself. In your daily living where the hunger, hard work outdoors improves the taste. Maine, hungry yet? Set your plate on a country table and watch grateful inside build, grow, blossom.

Maine, it’s not like this many other places.

Maine, an English word for satisfying, contentment, joy, peace. All rolled up into one.

Come fill your lungs with fresh air. Sample the eye candy. Taste, play, relax on and in the clean water. Feel the four seasons turning like pages in a very good book. That you can never put down, stop reading. That book that starts with an innocent visit to see what is up here. Then never ends when you land in Maine. Spending a life time in Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker