Why was the Grange such an important part of small town living in rural areas of this country, around Maine?

The Grange movement responsible for free rural mail delivery, lots of other small town contributions. Where the economy was pretty tied to agriculture, mostly local enterprises.

Getting Along When You Live In Maine
We Live In Maine, We Keep It Simple. Have To.

The local Grange was a group of farmers working together to improve the local landscape with attention to religion, law and history.

Remote farmers needed social, educational, and fraternal activities. The Grange movement keyed in, related to the farmers need to self improve and stop working individually in the struggle. For the public to be more aware of the farmers plight in the press too as they banded together.

The Grange also helped regulate railroad rate fees for freight, grain elevator monopolies.

To set up feed, supply stores for farmers to peddle their crops and goods at with distribution efficiency. The need for a good solid food hub, a strong local community co op all tie in with the original sentiments of the Grange movement.

In 1900, one farmer could produce more wheat than twenty growers back in 1860. The Grange helped understand the shift from agriculture primitive methods to mechanized overhauls of the family farm.

While industrial gains were made in the shift from rural agriculture to urban living, its new production methods.

Maine Is Farming, Outdoors, Horses, Animals. All Rural.
Horsing Around In Maine. Want To, Need To?

Farming in Maine is changing.

Their is a resurgence of younger micro farmers turning to making a living with tilling the dirt.

Raising critters on smaller better managed with a family Maine farm approach to simple living.

Not going head over heels in debt. Being more self sufficient, trained with all disciplines to stay on that farm in Maine by doing more yourself.

Attending the Jack of All Trades University.

Graduating with high honors and a keen survival set of skills, talents for the real World.

Not just gaming a bubble to win play points.

To keep overhead down and to embrace family farming in Maine where the entire family pitches in to keep it running. Ever thought of the simple living on a Maine farm as a lifestyle?

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