No news is not good news because just not hearing anything makes a person wonder.

Hope, assuming but not knowing for absolute certain how things are going. Maybe jumping to the wrong conclusion. Like dial readings to know how a machine is running, communication isimportant. Both voiced, non-verbal all add cues. To paint the picture. To give others a hint of what’s up, shakin’, bakin’.

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The Connection With The Audience. Seeing Each Member One By One.

I work in a service industry and setting expectations upfront is great.

But for great service providing, it means very good care. But along the way explaining, some backing up to start educating has to happen. About what the process is. What stage we are in and what could happen next. If this, that does take place or ends up failing to occur.

Everyone wants to be kept informed in a relationship. No matter how business like or intimate. To hear from you, to ask you questions, to make it two way communication. Because the twenty questions helps relay what is happening on your end. As it happens, changes and things unfold.

For between their ears on the other side of the conversation connection.

Behind the eyeballs too. To transfer the best, current information. To draw, come to the same correct commonly shared conclusion. So the other is in the know. If the two sides are not in the same room location to see and hear for themselves. If not in the same hometown, state, heck country or solar system.

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Peaceful, Space, Fresh Air, Clean Water. That’s A Big Part Of Maine’s Magic.

Tell me what you are doing, and getting the same report back.

To avoid worry from creeping in and based on not much if anything. Except a wild imagination. With texting, emailing, cell phones and the mails.

Actual visits too. There is no reason for someone in the relationship, no matter what kind to be left in the dark. Out in the cold on what you are up to and why, where, when.

Busy happens, but chasing to update is not needed with the new electronic age. Showing you care. Making it a priority to keep those in the circle abreast of developments. In the loop that gets fed, weeded, watered. If the other is wired in, tuned to use. Choose from the many methods of communication we have access to today.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker