Fall foliage, sneak peeking, leaf peepers in Maine that make the yearly trek to Maine to see the color explosion.

After the spring and summer flower bloom, the rich hues of orange, red, yellows and changing shades of green. The handiwork of Jack Frost in the Maine fall landscape is underway. For the second bloom of color natural fireworks. Have you been to Maine for fall color change?

Are we at peak color, when will we be if not for pretty amazing leaf arrays?

Maine is one big honking sized state.

maine fall foliage peak colors
Fall Fireworks, Second Bloom Color Explosion Now Happening.
So keep driving, see the different fall foliage colors regions take center stage for their performance.

One by one the stunning fall colors in Maine do solos. Northern Maine is nearing the peak for color and trees still have an abundance of leaves to display the harvest tones.

Maine Fall Foliage
Million Shades Of Just Green Of Spring, Summer. Suddenly, Red, Orange, Yellow Fireworks Explosion Of Fall Foliage Display.

Like you need a reason to escape to Maine right?

But come now, come quick. No no, just a gentle reminder, causal nudge.

An easy, unassuming oh by the way did you know about Maine falls colors? What’s happening as we hunt and peck.

The individual leaf colors on Maine that is 91% forested, wooded, treed. All those many shades of green variations are mutating.

Evolving, blossoming again into amazing tints of harvest colors Maine is famous for, that causes all the requests.

Bus and carloads of folk from outside Maine. All the locals lucky enough to be here full time. To mutter the same thing. The “let’s get outside, go for long drive on a ribbon of Maine roadway”. Everyone has their special travel map route to do that every year.

Preparing to go out to bathe, bask, take in the panorama. To celebrate fall colors, the farm harvest bounty now underway in Vacationland. Come sample the tapestry of fall leaf color change in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker