This year in Maine, the fall weather has made leaf peeking heaven.

The trees did not get shaken, reduced of many of their green leaves. Those hardwoods did not receive high winds or heavy rains to cause gravity to bring them to the forest floor.

Maine Fall Colors, Foliage Photos
More Outdoors, Less People, Wildlife Playing Hide And Seek. Bring Your Camera To Maine.

Like premature balding, it is not what happened with Maine leaves this fall. More colors on loaded foliage left on the tree for the explosion of color.

So more leaves per tree is the unfolding Maine situation.

The peak of Maine’s fall foliage is now in Northern sections. But taking, capturing the best photo of the fall colors. Because I like to write, but shooting images not game is pretty fun too. To weave into those hunt and peck rambling thoughts.

The raising of the barrel of the camera lens and taking the safety off.

Making it not single shot and using the long telephoto to capture, harvest new eye candy. To share with you faithful readers of the Me In Maine blog posts.

But this morning on the way in from the lake, I thought it may not be the most vivid array of colors with many trees singing in unison that rings the bell. Like solos, individuals that shine brightly by themselves. That stand out in the crowd. Maybe I should not see the forest for the trees.

Maine Fall Colors, Mirrored By Still Water.
Water Adds To The Mirror Of Fall Foliage Colors.

Not pulling back and collecting the group photo of pretty sassy, colorful fall leave stunning settings only.

But find one of the brilliant lone soldiers. In the second bloom of harvest color those in Maine this fall enjoy. Before here they come, blanketing the ground. To get ready for the change of season stage sets.

Maine Fall Colors, Are You A Leaf Peeker.
Fall Colors In Maine, Courtesy Of Jack Frost.

Talked with the oldest son in Colorado this morning who makes snow on Copper Mountain. He says that pretty big hill to ski was the first in the nation to fire up the snow guns.

Had water in reserve all did not and here comes winter swish swish. He skied 200 days last year and has found his passion. Early morning with the snow guns working their magic is a peaceful place. No sharing the mountain. You own it as you work it exclusively while others sleep. Lots of neat mountains in Colorado to enjoy.

Which is how Mainers feel because no crowds, no traffic, not a lot of people the further north you go. Off the beaten path is a good thing if you like your own company. Can warm up to being cozy with less people that you know a whole lot better. Small towns are more intimate, connect strong and tight for sure.

So leaves, changing color, don’t exclude the lone wolf, the David that shines brightly.

It is not all about the woodlot of total color combined. But the contributions like a small Maine town. Of one individual candle shedding lots of light. If you have a room that was filled with wall to wall darkness before it made it’s appearance. Started casting shadows, shedding new light and giving a new perspective on your surroundings. I am so glad I live in Maine. Raised kids here. Work here. Do you feel that high about where you hang your hat? Or dead bolt your door?

Take the tour, get to Maine anytime you can. Don’t stay away so long. I know I am addicted and in my right place and think you will find the Maine surroundings of all natural, unfiltered pretty satisfying too.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker