Strangers, folks that are elevator contained quiet, not making eye contact.

Keeping pretty much to themselves in the small area surrounding them. When you live in Maine, the wide open space changes all that. You don’t worry about anyone approaching from the side at a fast pace. Your survival defense systems don’t kick into high gear.

Maine Flowers
Fresh, Maine Morning Flowers After Overnight Shower Starts A New Day In Vacationland.

Unless you are traveling in Maine, and four long, spindly legs are spotted in the high beams. Maine moose at 1 o’clock. A very large Maine moose.

Those majestic beasts of the Maine woods make very large vehicle hood ornaments.

Hitting a black bear at a healthy clip is like meeting a bag of cement. Spinning Boo Boo around and gyro twisting him into your car back door. Causing a call to your local body shop. To employ the dent puller, frame machine for realignment to factory vehicle specs.

But back to not a lot of strangers in Maine. I stopped into a country corner convenience store Sunday night. And noticed New York plates on the car closest to the glass door next to the check out as I trotted in. After an Uncle Henry’s, little snack and standing in the check out line. Said hello, smiled at the father and son ahead of me. It startled the pair.

The silent communication trumpeted in the look harpooned back saying “who are you, we don’t know you” part of the defense system.

Second nature to someone living in a very crowded, not so safe, can’t ever be too sure city setting. It made me think how friendly folks in Maine are. Unless you start on a chant of “back in Jersey” blah blah blah. Then the locals retreat a tad because of the ding to the area we are so glad to live, work, play in day and night.

Maine Ducks On Lake Photo
Maine. We Stick Together, Like Momma Duck, The Kids In Tow.
Where we feel very fortunate to raise our families, run our small businesses, explore and tramp the great outdoors all four seasons.

When less people live in an area, those folks are more aware of each other.

Not so afraid to communicate and we don’t shut down. Get all reserved and self protective. Because Mainers are used to helping each other out. Whether it’s the guy down the street with the plow that blows open the end of your plugged with snow driveway.

Maine Snow Skiing, Swish Swish.
Looking Like Bank Robbers, But Layered For Maine Down Hill Skiing.

Or when your vehicle hood is up and you need a battery jump start. No shortage of folks that rally, are up for the challenge. To do what they can to get you back on the road. To where you need to be, were headed before a flat as a pancake battery charge happened.

Maybe the advice don’t talk to strangers as Kevin points out to the cashier in the movie while holding down the fort alone.

Picking up a few essential grocery items. Giving TV dinners a whirl. Grabbing a small jug of laundry detergent.

We need, help, work together in Maine. Have to because less people means more aware of the local population. Working events, traveling in the same smaller circles. And all holding inside a fierce love, pride of where we are lucky to live. The place with the space called Maine. Dagnabbit. Don’t stay away so long. Come sample ME.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker