Big Moose, Lots Of Meat, Trophy For The Wall Needing A Railroad Spike.
Big Moose, Lots Of Meat, Trophy For The Wall Needing A Couple Railroad Spikes To Hang, Display.

This big fella with a rack of nearly six foot wide spread lost at the game of hide and seek in the North Maine woods yesterday.

The fall hunting season is underway for those lucky enough to have won a spot, hit the Maine moose lottery for selection to tramp the woods. Toting firepower, extra ammo, animal scents and calls. Looking, scanning the hardwood ridges and favorite wildlife watering holes. For grub to fill the big chest freezer. Better he met his demise in the woods rather than the tragedy of a car load of people hitting something this big on the open Maine highway. Like a recent big Maine black bear did kissing a red jeep called Sally.

Hunting camp in Maine, not always about the end all to bag some game, to go home with a deer, bear, moose or game birds. Sometimes it’s just the getting together part. Being away from the normal surroundings and off the beaten path at a Maine woods camp.

Sporting camp businesses in Maine make a healthy chunk of change from out of state hunters.

Eager to know where the game is and relying on locals to point out the locations. So they get up to speed quickly on just where to spend the week’s vacation hunting, looking dressed in blaze orange. Carrying a thermos of hot brewed coffee and snacks for the long lonely times up in a tree stand. Waiting, thinking, relaxing with the smells, sights, sounds of the forest around you.

Maybe hearing a brook babbling, bubbling, gurgling nearby. Cascading, splashing, dropping over rocks river waterfalls. As the flow zig zags, twists, turns, empties from a nearby waterfront source. Or makes a natural deposit into one of a chain of nearby lakes, ponds. Just teaming with fish calling the hunter’s name. When rod and reel replace the shooting iron with the deadly accurate cross hairs scope on top.

Maine Moose, Pair Of Animals.
Watching, Studying, Wondering Is That A Friend Of Foe In The Maine Woods.

You can hear your self think when you are in the big wide open …

The volume of your thoughts get tuned in, turned up. Become crystal clear. When the regular to do list, task of chores for the day gets left untouched. When you take a break, spend some time with the regulars at the Maine hunting camp or sporting lodge.

This is your place, playground, spot in Maine.

To catch up, compare notes, share stories. Play cribbage. Sit in front of a crackling fire to warm your bones. What you do when the leaves chameleon the colors. Drift lazily to the ground one by one. To signal the approaching white out of winter. The change up of the four big backdrops. Slid into place in Vacationland to prepare for snow flakes, different frozen water fun options. Wearing, adding a few extra layers of clothing. As you continue to head outside as often as possible. No matter what the season in Maine.

Welcome hunters to Maine, the headquarters, cookie jar. Like the potato chip bag you can not leave alone. Stay away from, go back to for memorable trips into the woods. To areas where Bambi, Thumper live. Where it is a game of staying low, walking softly. Not being seen for a few weeks until the out of state plates do an about face. Heading downhill back across the big green bridge at the entrance to Maine, Vacation. And the wildlife, our cows and horses too can sigh in relief. Prepare for the holidays.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker