New to Maine, you made the leap and moved lock, stock and barrel to Vacationland.

Good for you, welcome aboard. Now what. Well, the down to Earth, family orient hard working folks of Maine will give you the shirt of their back. Be there to help to a point. And once you cross that point, retreat happens. Not a mean streak raising its ugly head. But just not wanting to bother with someone that takes more than they give back to keep it even Stevie. Tit for tat, for that.

Maine Show Choir State Competition
New To Maine, Get Involved In Local Community Events. Pace Yourself.

But advice for the first year living in Maine.

Don’t get in the habit of every other sentence it’s “Back in Jersey”. And proceed to go on about how things roll there In NJ, wherever the two initial state abbreviation push pins says you formally hailed from on the green and blue marble. What you were used to, liked about that other home sweet home outside Maine. Mention those highlights once in awhile, not a steady drizzle of on and on in the one upmanship.

But moved away for some reason from to hang your hat on a nail behind your new home kitchen door in Maine. You are not in New Jersey. You let go of the 1000 people per square mile there in those parts. Changed it up with 44 in southern, 11 souls per square mile in northern Maine.

Whole ‘nother world this place you speak about called “Jersey”. We like to talk about Maine, hear good things about what you like here. And why you left Jersey, moved to the Pine Tree State. Or not even that, just don’t complain, whine, make a fuss. We are all pretty high about Maine’s outdoor, lower populated, tight small town connection. Don’t need reminders about how lucky we have it. We know, are grateful. Inside job that radiates without words. Written all over our faces.

But the dull, jagged edge verbal knife sawing back and forth in conversation about another thing you don’t like about Maine but back in Jersey they blah blah blah.

Can prompt someone, with all due respect, to suggest why not move back to Jersey? Or ask again why was it you landed in Maine again? What brought you here, was the attraction? How to handle that first year moving to Maine, being the new kid on the block.

Maine Is Small Town Simple Living
Maine, Our Kids Are The Treasure, Jewels.

Consider the entire ball of wax, the whole nine yards. Overall what was the kick in the pants that caused the move to Maine? Low property prices, so no mortgage or not one hanging around your neck for long. Acreage not inches surround the sticks and bricks. That if you are lucky, living right is parked smack dab on a lake, pond, river, the ocean front.

4th lowest crime state, cost of insurance cut by two thirds, friendly people that make eye contact. Are polite, let you go in traffic, hold doors open for you.

Say hello.

Maine. The clean water, fresh air and S-P-A-C-E. The four season outdoor fun Maine is. Scores second to none in that department hands down. And it just builds from there. Watch, listen to Maine FAQ video of questions we field every day.

Maine Is Outdoors, Simple Living.
On The Water, Glad To Be In Maine, Vacationland Full Time.

Hold onto that thought, feeling, carrot that guided the squeaky wheel pony cart.

Up Instate 95’s new 1-305 numbering mile markers. The glow in the dark guide to where are we now, how much further for the toddlers asking.

Kicking your kidneys from the back seat as boredom settles in. Does the twist of a knife teasing.

Caused from being folded in two, doubled over.

Trapped like a large, over sized package in a small, no darn right tiny car cocoon.

Its black magic tainting, infecting the atmosphere of a very long vehicle ride. That takes it’s toll. When it’s hot, everyone is cranky tired, bone weary. Tired of vending food, what was packed for sandwiches three days ago squished, squashed in the Igloo cooler. The AC is on the fritz, on strike again wouldn’t you know it. Wouldn’t that cramp your grandmother as my Mom would say. Humidity air level percentages blast off, skyrocket. Whew. Can we go any faster to just get there? Oh yeah, 75 miles per hour helps cover the ground nimbly. Without the blue lights to ease the pedal to the metal reflex.

Cross the Green bridge and leave all your did not like about Jersey behind. Or whatever state, and replace that red air expelled on your Yoga mat with taking in the all blue and green air of peace. All that quiet.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker