Ever notice the most interesting people you meet have not all had easy, charmed lives?

They take adversity, set backs, cruel blows dealt them one by one.

Maine Is Outdoors, All Natural Simple Living.
Maine, Rock Solid, Simple, Lasting.
Convert the negative into something positive. Blessed with a good supply of deep down inner grit and determination. Are not quitters. No matter how rocky, steep that it gets. And often do above and beyond because of the other loved ones counting on them in life. Mainers are grateful with what they have that is more than enough.

But after a lifetime of struggles, ups and downs, twists and curves, the natural gravitation as you get older is to seek places where the setting allows more peace.

Less turmoil. And like I hear all too often in my day job, folks seeking to live in Maine part or full time, come to the same conclusion. Much of their hardships are from other people sticking their beak where it does not belong. Or just sheer numbers of too many crowds of folks swarming, smothering them. Pushing in and robbing precious limited time on Earth that all of us are provided. No space for too long is just like no air, water, food, love. Takes it toll.

Tired? Then consider so simple, real Maine, all natural.

The setting, location times three is everything right? In understated beauty, the unspoiled surroundings. The unspoken respect for where we are lucky to live in Maine, the natives get it. We chose to remove layers of what distracts. No needed. Fashion our day to day with tasks of what is most lasting, rewarding.

Rough Seas Outside Maine, Come Ashore, Land Your Vessel.
Rough Seas Outside Maine, Come Ashore, Land Your Vessel.
Not tied to heavy debt or chasing the dollar. Home made permanent. Not store bought temporary or throw away.

Self inflicted, a choice to remove all that glitters, for the blue and green that sparkles brightest in Maine. Frugal is not cheap in the striving to live in gentile poverty. Having more than you need, plenty to achieve a worthwhile life for you and loved ones. That’s contentment.

Less focus on yourself but a shift to the way it used to be most places.

Consideration for others, especially less fortunate. Reaching out to help folks in need. Not rewarding laziness of able body folks that are content to live off the system. But helping those too proud to ask for assistance. That were taught to expect more from themselves, to stand on their own two feet. To feel pretty self sufficient, the reward of doing it yourself independence joy.

Maine Sea Coast Light House Photo
Maine, She’s Rugged, Real, Challenges A Person. Helps You Define What Is Important.

How you chose to look at events, situations, people around you is why Maine offers a simpler, easier approach. The key ingredients for healthier, happier living. Because what is of value is not plugged in, not plastic, not used for causing envy.

When you live in Maine, or make being here a big part of your life, you seek out those private, quiet places, spaces to recharge when unplugged.

Letting go and getting the answers needed. That just don’t get addressed when a person is forced, or chooses to live where it is too crowded. Expensive, not safe and very noisy. Can not hear yourself think. Get to Maine.

Her diamonds are yours for free.

As you gaze out over the water on a sunshine reflection in the gentle hypnotizing movement, sway of the waves.

Her treasure is the heating, cooking with wood you cut yourself. Being grateful for the little things. Because you removed one by one all the expensive ones that rob your life. Make your worry, run scared but that you thought you had to have. That everyone else is after so you blindly follow the herd.

Break away, head north to the outdoors of Maine. Where no one is a stranger for long if you smile, wave, make an effort to reach out, connect.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker