Maine wells, the water in Vacationland, how does it measure up to other places?

In the top three for questions I hear daily in my paying job as a Maine real estate broker, well water is a big part of the buzz, rattle and hum.

Often because the water where the real estate buyer out of state is has problems.

Maine Water, Lots Of It To Play On, For Drinking From Good Wells.
Maine, Water, Clean Water Everywhere. To Enjoy Drinking, For Recreational Fun.
Out west quantity not just quality of water is a big concern. Major issues there cause folks to ask about water here in Maine.

The lady calling in from Texas today sharing her well through several feet of limestone was some kind of expensive. Because it went almost the entire way down to China. And you hold your nose when you force down a glass because of odor, other complications, deficiencies.

The deeper the water well, the higher the taxi meter charge on the dashboard of the rig doing the boring if paying by the foot, not a flat fee.

The damage cost bill from the well water drilling outfit that sets up on the land. Adds the steel casing, shoe, seal, submersible pump, pitless adapter and cap. Before lifting the hydraulic stabilizer legs and heading on down the highway. Lumbering on to the next Maine water well drilling assignment, mission.

How much well water do you really need?

Well if you are thinking of starting a Maine farm with a herd of beef, dairy cattle, buffalo or something bigger than a flock of chickens, a lot.

The average cow, hay burner needs, drinks between seven to ten percent of their body weight a day.

Maine Buffalo Drink Lots Of Water.
Maine Buffalo, Cows, Horses, Sheep, Deer, Goats, Pigs All Like, Need Lots Of Water.

Slightly more than the 8 glasses of water you and I are suppose to open the gullet. Down the hatch splash, lubricate with H2O daily.

And septic system soil test HHE 200 designs call for 90 gallons of water per day per bedroom flow capacity.

I know, that does sound like an awful lot of water being used but did you ever have teenage daughters in your household?

Best way to curb that excessive water usage for the camped out in the shower daughter or son is to say here’s your tokens for the week.

Like a car wash. Add the timed meter requiring more tokens to continue longer showers cures wasting water. Worrying about did someone go to sleep in there and leave all that expensive heated water running wide open?

Talked to Littleton Maine water well driller Jamie Watson recently about H20 standards.

He was one of four on the original committee that wrote the minimum standards for well drilling, hooking up the submersible pumps. The whole nine yards that the legislature adopted, put into law. Up until 1994 there was no Maine well water commission to protect the consumer. To have standards for Maine well drilling, water supply to abide by. More Maine well water FAQ answers.

Why is Northern Maine water so tasty, high quality, abundant in supply output?

Jamie says to thank the glaciers. They created horsebacks, eskers of gravel and other filtration layers to purify, preserve and protect, to guarantee large water pocket supplies. Plus less people in Northern Maine means the number of oil spills, tank ruptures nose dives.

Maine Is Clean Unspoiled Natural Water.
Maine, Unspoiled, Plentiful Water Supplies Happen Here.
Not so common to have industrial accidents. Any form, degree of man made contamination is far less than if you were talking a concentrated urban area which Maine is not.

List of well water drillers in Maine.

What is the cost for a well drilled where I live in Houlton Maine?

Well like anything it depends if you are drilling down through granite around a Maine lake or setting the rig up in a open farm field.

But $3500 the figure to quote according to Jamie who is from three generations of Maine well drillers. And add another couple thousand for the submersible pump, all the rigging to open the tap. To say “AHHHhhhhhh” and to enjoy an ice cold tall, clear, clean glass of Maine water.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker