Maine Snowstorm Wind Drift
Storms In Life Happen. Mainer’s Are Prepared For Them. Whatever Way The Wind Blows, Life Brings For Challenges.

When you are lucky enough to live in a small Maine town, what Vacationland is, spread out rural communities, it is like one big family.

All crowded into one house. Not always happy. Lots of wide open space outside. Special considerations on the inside for cramped quarters and everyone knows your business. Or thinks they do.

Small town living in Maine
is empowering, it’s own rich reward.

And the connection to others in the small Maine town can be like the expression. Familiarity breeds contempt.

Because you do work closely together on projects, civic, school, church and sporting events. Have to bump into each other because like a bench chasing the black circle or black, white or orange ball, only so many players. Look over your shoulder when you are working a community volunteer events, and there is not a long line of replacements.

So when the small same group of worker bees pitch in and put on the best performance possible with the resources and talent available, here what can happen. A whine, groan amongst the way to go, attah boy’s. How come you did not do this? Why don’t we do that? We? (Digging out, opening up the Little Red Hen Golden Book, thumbing through the pages).

Living in a small Maine town demands toughening up that hide, your outer skin to criticism. Because everyone is not going to be a happy camper round the clock. Or some at all. There are Eeyores in the audience. But constructive criticism is warranted for better result too. Hear them out. Consider the merits of the suggestion. And make them chairman of that new committee.

So tough skinned, tender hearted and expecting less praise from others. Got it.

More you yourself knowing if you put in the over the top effort. Planning was done methodically, adequately or not. It’s a no fly zone. For the by the seat of your pants, last minute slapped together. Lots of pride in your work radiates, glows in the dark. There is no room for lazy in any discussion of the members of a small Maine town. Call it our farming background heritage. Label it a survival skill because small Maine towns are an endangered species. If the community falls asleep at the switch. Last guy or gal out turn out the lights.

What makes a Maine town great?

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