Maine Loons Singing, Crying, Entertaining Waterfront Vacationwers.
Maine Loons, What Do The Songs, Cries, Shrill Sounds All Mean?

The ME Loon.

The song, cries, sad sound of one or several Maine loons hit you deeply when you are parked on the Maine water.

More so than birds singing, chirping on a morning walk or while on your knees in the garden.

How come?

What’s up with that?

Is it because you are often on a Maine vacation when you spend time with loons in the background of fun times?

Or up close paddling by in a kayak or canoe? Or as they float by fishing?

Part of it is the echo across the water and that most Maine lakes are pristine, under developed if at all. So the ring of trees along the lake put you in the speaker. Up close and personal surround sound from all sides intense. And those same trees protect the Maine lake, river, pond from soil erosion.

If the frontage was crew cutted, had not Maine shoreland zoning law protections then development would cause silt, dirt to filter in to the water. Which hurts fish, loons, everything that depends on the waterfront to survive. Listen to this loon sound clip and see what it does inside you. Powerful huh? How come? Sadness that all can relate to at some low point in our lives? Or just a minor chord arrangment that is it’s own form of blues music? Or maybe because you are away from the work distraction, you can really listen, hear, feel the emotion of the loon sound. Because it is all there is, the loon has the solo. Gets your attention and keeps it as your heart gets grabbed.

But back to what are the loons communicating, trying to tell us, or saying to other loons as you listen in on nature’s party line.

Maybe it takes immersion around a Maine loon habitat to begin to figure it all out. Not just a long weekend, week’s vacation in Maine on the waterfront. Like Lt. John Dunbar in Dancing With Wolves to really learn the local lingo, customs, traditions, values of another culture.

Perhaps the many loon sounds and what they mean is not as important as how their sound affects you because of where you are in your life. Or what you are thinking about on your vacation away from work. So that it all boils down to a different reaction to a Maine loon sound, no matter which one of the many because of where your head and heart are at the particular time you experience it.

Or quite possibly you think of yourself as the loon.

Out on the lake at night, alone, no mate. Maybe the mate died, did not make it back from where it wintered. Or was hit by a boat. Eaten by a predator.

Or the lone cry of the loon you hear is just trying to get the attention of a mate because nesting season is coming, time is short. And he or she is brand new to dating. And is programmed for survival, propagation of the loon population. To not be alone. Or when all the loons on the lake, pond, river where you are being entertained open up all at once, it’s like the finale of 4th of July fireworks.

Will have to get back to you on what each of the three Maine loon individual sounds mean, represent. Considerably more time and study or an interview with a few loons from the vantage point needed to break the mystery, crack the call code. Maybe it is not the sad mournful sound we hear to another loon at all.

Some of the Maine loon calls could really mean “party at my cove, bring your cribbage board and some avocado dip”. Or “how are the wife, hubby and kids, was winter enjoyable and where did you go again?”. Just loon banter we totally react to wrongly like a lot of communication, texts, tone and misread conversation attitudes because of our own up or down mood at the time received in life.

All I do know is the more time you spend with Maine loons in the background, they have an affect on the waterfront experience.

They help make it. Round it out because it is not just the four season Maine scenery we enjoy with our eyes. It’s a full, all five sense powerful hit you hard, that makes it over the top special. Maine, get here to sample ME as often as you can through out your life to get the most out of it. Make never fade lasting memories in Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker