Why you live where you do is not always because it is your preference for surroundings.

Safe Place To Live, Maine.
Destination Maine. It’s Living Outdoors, Small Town Friendly, Families.
If eight out of ten people live in urban areas, it is often due to the abundance of jobs. Pulling down a bigger paycheck. But spending more money the downside of the higher cost of living. Employment is a nice daily habit if you don’t grow your own food, heat with fuel from your wood lot. If you are not living off grid and totally self sufficient.

But Maine as a destination with a handful of cities and over 108 small unique communities could mean bring that city job with you.

If Maine won the coin toss of your next move, relocation, consider telecommuting to Vacationland.

Why do people move to Maine, retire, relocate and make the trip up here in the right hand corner?

Less people, more space, no bad towns with gangs to avoid. Bag the traffic too. No time in our too short life on Earth for killing time like that. But there is more than what we don’t have in the natural unspoiled space.

The local people in Maine are honest, hardworking, friendly, family and community minded. Step up, pitch in.

Maine Is Small Town, Simple Rural Living.
Maine Moonlight, Far Away Lonesome Train Whistle, Simple Living. Priceless.
It is all about others and there is a strong connection.

Obvious to anyone who lives here. Ditto to those from outside the town limits that pick up the signal right off the bat. Pot luck supper special and all home grown, highly creative, memorable. Because everyone in the small Maine town has a role, steps up and year after year makes it happen. They know their role, they assume the position.

And the locals live like preparing for a recession, a set back braced for around the next corner too.

Saving for that rainy day. More self reliant, garden variety jack of all trades happening. Mainers not worrying themselves sick because we are all in it together. And practice living in Maine gentile poverty. Making frugal living in Maine an art form.

If you are looking for a neat place to raise your family, where the village pitches in from the side for support. If you like not living in head over heels debt. Replacing it with no or low cost recreational four season healthier options. If you want to step up and pitch in and do your part in a small Maine community. Do we have a small town experience ready, waiting for you when the time is right.

Maine, the way life should be. Used to be pretty much all across the land. But not so easy to find any more.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker