Maine is just plain dark.

Not the sinister, evil, somber, elusive kind of darkness. We’re talking the total, pitch black that happens in Maine. We lack the condition of light pollution. That a giant population catches. And all the other sins that a city, urban area contract for a disease without a cure. That causes heavy traffic, the high priced cost of living in the land of over regulations, crime.

Too many people. Chrome, glass, plastic man made over development unravels, robs. Wrings out and squeezes to death the natural flavor of a special unspoiled, unexploited place like Maine.

Less is more and one of the first things noticed by the new to Maine explorer, traveler are the stars.

Look up, and not just see they are here and there out there. But every where. Brilliant, 1000 watts each. Every one twinkle, twinkles. These are the best kind to make wishes on, to see, feel them come true.

You don’t just see the few brightest stars overhead in Maine.

The velvet backdrop of a night time sky is salt and peppered. With every where you crank your head radiance. It hits you deeply. Like the sensation after scaling Maine’s Mt Katahdin. Enjoying a summer lake side full moon reflection. Add in a breeze, shimmering water lapping against the shoreline sound. Or being camped out by a Maine lighthouse in winter. Shooting images, capturing wearing hand knit wool mittens. Or a slew of other natural settings where Maine’s collection shines brightest of all the states. All natural, unfiltered, pure. Maine. Nothing man made about it. Acadia National Park in Downeast Maine made the top ten for best conditions for dark skies for star gazing.

Have you been to Acadia in Maine, ever witnessed a sunrise or sunset up on Cadillac Mountain? Learn more about this neat jewel of Maine, the Acadia National Park experience.

Maine Morning Sunrise Mist
Natural Lighting, Nothing Man Made About It.
And from here you start to realize one by one other things missing from healthy living. Like being vitamin, nutrient deficient. As Stevie crooned about back in 1973, living just enough for the city.

Country living opens up, unlocks the other avenues for greater enjoyment in life. Someone left the lights on is more than about being wasteful, light pollution is harmful to animals. Disturbs the natural night and day patterns. Affects your natural sleep balance, messes with your inner clock.

Maine, sometimes it is best if we don’t leave the light on for you.

Light pollution intrudes on natural low or no light natural settings that make Maine precious, unique. Come see Orion’s Belt, Polaris, Pleiades, the two Dippers and all the other eight grade science class outdoor night exercise on the star formations. That in a city you in time forget are out there. Stop looking for, enjoying them as a constant. Come bathe, bask day or night in our natural lighting in Maine. Wish upon a star you can see, enjoy in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker