Maine Snowstorm Wind Drift
Storms In Life Happen. Mainer’s Are Prepared For Them. Whatever Happens.

The sound of snowfall in Maine.

Not the nor’easter howling winds while the white stuff piles up, blows, swirls around kind. Or the old window sashes singing in unison in a rickety, weathered, hill top Maine farm house.

That makes that rising variable pitch, blade of grass between your thumbs as a kid kazoo type sound. When winter gusts wander pretty much wherever they want through the structure.

The curtains acting like they do with a strong summer breeze building. When the leaves in the trees add crowd applause whipping “haaaaah” sounds. Just before the bloated, dark water clouds gusher usher in the heavy rain snare drum chorus. Of a thunderstorm on a Maine cottage, cap, barn metal roof Or a lake, river, pond surface pelting. But now we’re talking performing an old man winter opus this time with a different use of the wind.

The soft, low sound when you are outside that new Maine snow falling, accumulating makes.

Falling snow heard on your parka hood, ski pants, jacket sleeves around you. When you are shoveling a walk way, garage door out. The murmur, rustle of Maine winter snow added to, causing the muffled, muted sound cars passing by produce. Deadening, softening everything to the point without looking out a window when inside, you know it has or is snowing.

Insulated with the white blank that absorbs other sounds, changes acoustics. Generates a few new ones in a Maine winter. The crunch of compacting snow under vehicle tires, winter boots walking.

Maine Is Small Towns.
Strain, Gain, Filter, Squeeze Lots From Simple Maine Grateful Simple Living.
Scraping, chiseling opaque, cloudy windshield sharp sounds as crystalized ice is like diamond hard. Before the vehicle defroster heats up and softens what’s under the off duty, hibernating wiper blades.

Maybe the sound of flakes falling in Maine is more noticeable because you can smell the snow before it gets here, while you move it to a better place than your driveway. here it.

Before it happens to snow. Something to do with the barometric pressure. Or colder temperatures changing the season backdrop.

Like walking in the Maine fall woods where dampness, a little decay gets added to Jack Frost’s fireworks second bloom color wheel experience.

Maybe it’s the less people in Maine that makes, allows awareness of what’s going on around us to happen.

To crank up the volume several notches all four seasons. The lack of Maine traffic, no round the clock sirens signalling crimes are being committed. Someones heading for three hots and a cot at the crowbar hotel. Or multiple ER bound crash carts are en route to the nearest city hospital.

Maine, pick a season, don’t need a real reason to head to Vacationland. Try not to stay away so long. No reason to punish yourself that way. Visit the place with the unspoiled natural space.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker