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Maine Winter Fun Playing Outside, Red Cheeks, Fresh Air Filling The Lungs.

Did you get to see the last U.S. World Cup event In Northern Maine when the biathlon championships took place in Aroostook back in 2014?

The Nordic Heritage and the Maine Winter Sports Centers hosted the event in Presque Isle Maine and your Me In Maine cub blog post reporter was lucky enough to be able to attend. To have it so close to home in “The Crown Of Maine”. The news of the return to “The County” hit the wire services this week.

Besides seeing so many countries from around the world represented in the Northern Maine competition, the economic impact to Aroostook County and New Brunswick the neighboring Canadian province is huge.

When you do the math, add it up and consider all those television crews, the sports teams and their coaches, support arms that crowd the highway. Roll up US Rt 1. Or fly into Maine. To compete for the bronze, silver, gold medal for the respective countries from around the World that they represent.

The biathlon events held at the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle and the 10th Mountain Lodge in Fort Kent Maine have been many. World Cup and Junior Cup events plus other competitions have used Northern Maine’s facilities and volunteer network. And been pleased with the support enough to tap Aroostook County on the shoulder again with the invitation to come back for more warm hospitality. Extra helpings of the spirited, professional event competitions. Watch and IBU Maine World Cup Video.

All the hub bub spills over to an economic shot in the arm too. One more winter recreational event to consider, take in.

For the other County towns to benefit, besides just the host city. Putting cash in lots of local coffers retail registers. Like neighboring Fort Fairfield to the east. Houlton Maine to the south and everything in between all win.

Much happens all four seasons right here in Maine. The door is always wide open, never locked. If you decide to hop in the family sedan and cross the big green bridge to our south. Fly into one of our many Maine airports. Climb on a chartered tour bus.

No matter how you get here, find yourself possible in Kittery Maine heading north on Interstate 95. Or coming over into Vacationland sideways from the Trans Canada highway or routes that wind, twist and turn into the heart of Maine in all directions. Thanks for being a faithful follower, reader of the Me in Maine blog posts.

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