Flying In To Maine, Easier Than Your Think.
Many Airports In Maine For Flights, Just Think Smaller, Easier To Get In And Out Of.

You have a destination to fly in to, are looking for flights in to Maine and wonder about airports.

You realize Maine is not the population center of an Atlanta, Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles. But with a population of just over a million people spread out around a state as large as Maine, you quickly realize, hey, there are not going to be hundreds of flights per hour in to any burg or ville in to Vacationland.

Obviously if Santa had brought you an airplaine, you had an FAA license, you could land in a myriad of small airports dotted around Maine.

But if he did not, and you don’t hold a an FAA license to fly from the airplane cockpit in to Vacationland, here are the highlights of what Maine airports to consider. Even if you are pretty skilled at Halo when you are lucky enough to get the Banshee for a test drive.

Lots of flights, lower costs and a willingness to do a little driving means Portland Maine, PWM is a major consideration for an airport to fly in to the jetport. I just took the youngest son to Portland Maine to head back to college, and the location near the Freeport Maine store outlets.

But Bangor Maine, BIA is an option for flying in to interior Maine. To avoid having to rent a car for long treks. Maine is a big New England state. Not in the size state category of a Delaware, Rhode Island. Big enough for lots of flight options, times of arrivals, departures. But small enough for ease of getting in and out without the overwhelming size of a LAX.

For Northern Maine, PQI airport is the one choice to fly in to Presque Isle in Aroostook County. Smaller planes, lots of flight options to service a less populated area known as “the crown of Maine”. Many of Maine’s airports were strategic during World War Two like the one in Houlton Maine’s airport known as KHUL. There are many smaller Maine airports to consider if you pilot your own plane.

Maine, we’ve got your connected with air flights, service to Vacationland.

And many folks coming in to Hancock County, to Bar Harbor Maine airport have options too. For when a silver bird brings them to and from the area, rather than a cruise ship.

When someone asks me if you can fly in to Maine, I tell them sure, not thinking just domestic airline flights. There are many Maine airports for private pilots, a growing segment of folks accessing the magic of Vacationland. Maine, like Ben Franklin kinda sorta said, God made Vacationland like beer to show all he loved us. Access it by air. Maine, one big place, not over crowded, some kind of friendly people.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker