Maine Monsters, In Time For Halloween.
Man Made And Natural Wildlife Happen Here. Visit Maine.

Sampling ME, where to jump in with both feed depends on you. Your tastes, desires, habits in life carry over to the trek to Maine.

The state dubbed Vacationland is pretty much played outdoors all four seasons. Sure we come in to warm up by a roaring, crackling fire during a day of cross country, down hill skiing. Or when we climb off a snow sledding machine, or from off winter lake ice fishing.

Or to take in a Maine play production, tour a local Maine library for a good book. But pretty much, you are outside. Like when you were a kid and your Mom and Dad had to holler time to eat. You have to come inside to do your homework, get ready for bed.

The lack of crime means we don’t hide out inside behind dead bolts and chain locks in Maine.

We rank 4th lowest in crime and the northern section is half that pretty impressive state average for misdeeds. Living in Maine it is very simple to think everywhere else is just like this state in the upper right hand corner of the country. I get phone calls, emails and office visits daily and that is not the case elsewhere. Stories about out of state gangs, traffic, crime and expensive layers and layers of paperwork for city living are whined about through out the week. Slow down, catch your breath in Maine.

It is awfully easy to forget the Maine’s natural beauty does not extend everywhere.

Or that the down to Earth local folks of Maine’s work ethic and volunteerism spirit to pitch in is duplicated elsewhere. Not a given everywhere around the country. There are myths about our weather in Maine to take care of with brand new visitors. Come to see a moose, white tail deer, loons but sorry, lots of wildlife. But no polar bears in Maine.

Many folks come to Maine to get away from other people. Not stated meanly. Not anti social either. Just needing to spend some quality time with me, myself, I. To sort through the seasons of life that happen and need periodic mental organizing. To scope out the natural beauty but not have to share it except with Maine images. Taken home as reminders, souvenirs of the “hits your deeply” experience. Every time, any season, for whatever reason you are lucky enough to set foot in Maine. Spend time outdoors in Maine.

So the question of where to start on the maiden Maine voyage gets different answers.

Starts a friendly debate. Bee line for the unorganized township woods and water. Head to the oceanfront of Maine. Visit Maine lighthouses, harbor towns, sample the sea food hoisted fresh from the deep cold Maine water. Some say climb Baxter’s many peaks, start your collection and build yearly with more and more trails under your belt. Others argue, point out the real paradise is a snow covered Maine mountain top to carve, swish, ski down.

I say attend a bean supper, church bazaar.

Maybe a Maine canoe race, fishing derby. Take in a soap box derby race. Strike up a conversation, meet the people working a local community event. Pick up some quality produce, vegetables, fruits and baked goods from a Maine farmers market. That is where the flavor of Maine lies.

Maine, it’s starts and ends with its neat, creative down to Earth people. Lower population but more memorable characters make each small Maine town shine brightly. That are all anxious to meet you whenever you make a dash. Spend the time to get to know the real Maine. The stuff in the nooks, crannies, attractions that often did not make it into the four color tourism brochures. The neat happenings only the locals of Maine know about and cherish, protect. Don’t just share with any Tom, Dick or Harry unless you’re smiling, friendly.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker