The Best Local Plays In Maine Are Close To Home.
Small Maine Community Theater Play Productions Are Fun, Entertaining, Home Grown.

Getting out to a small Maine community play where you know all the cast of characters.

No one is a stranger and the audience is familiar to the production cast too. Community theater with home grown talent polishing the lines, rehearsing a play script to raise money for a good cause. And to give locals something different for entertainment options close to home.

This Friday and Saturday, October 25, 26th at six pm, The Hysterical Players perform a comedy “I Only Have Fangs For You”.

Another production on the road to the north in Bridgewater 32 miles away means the curtains at the local Grange hall goes up again November 2nd at 6pm. That production helps costs, funds future projects at the Bridgewater Historical Society. The desperately needed roof of the old Smyrna Methodist Church gets a shot in the arm with funds from this weekend’s play.

The cost of that drip drip drip leaking roof replacement project estimated to be in the neighborhood of eight thousand dollars.

Good play, great cause, a night out for entertainment. Like a pot luck supper tasty. Everyone brings their best covered delicious signature dish. That all the locals know you would win hands down. If there was an Olympics for this particular dish all in the area knows is to die for, heavenly good.

Take a gander at some of the shots, a glimpse of the players for this Halloween flavored Maine community theater play. Or (whispering) SSsshhhh, let’s sneak a peek, tip toe in the big back double creaking doors to sample part of an earlier play production rehearsal.

Have you ever been in a small Maine community theater play, theater production?

Either in front of an audience or behind the acts, scenes in a support role? Designing a set, doing lighting or sound? A seamstress for the wardrobe? In makeup, in charge of the meal or snacks during intermission? Or behind the promotion, publicity, ticket sales marketing to get the word out? So nothing is kept a secret.

All that work that goes into the planning, rehearsals, the nuts and bolts of a theater play to make sure it is noticed. Not witnessed only by a few of the lucky ones that are out in the audience. The bigger, better the audience, the more the cast reaches higher to go over the top with their performance. In the role they are playing to the hilt in front of the bright hot spot stage lights and open velvet curtain. The audience and play cast need each other. One partnership in the back and forth that feeds on the other.

They say that life is but a stage and every man but an actor.

For fun, entertainment and the chance to play the part in someone other than yourself, consider involvement in a locally produced, small scale play production. Or get behind a high school, college or children’s theater production so that your small local community shines brightly with the flair of drama, comedy, lights, camera, action. Break a leg. in a good way in community theater.

Maine small towns are big on the fine arts in lots of little ways. Get to Maine, you have a part waiting, become involved. Add your skill set, hone that talent on a grass roots, small town level. In small Maine town living, you don’t just attend events, you are involved in the local activities working them. That’s what happens and everyone has a part, place, spot in the sun and fun.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker