Maine Waiting, Traffic Causes Most Of Delay.
Seems Like It’s Been A Dog’s Age Waiting, Hanging Around, Killing Time. Cat’s Need Chasing.

Traffic is the biggest time spender, waster for most.

Getting to the hardware store across town in a city can eat up the better part of an afternoon. And when you consider the folks that commute to work two hours. One way. Have done that milk run for years, decades. Whoa. A lot of idle time to count cows. And if behind the wheel 10 and 2, not being able to read to make the most of the travel. The down time if driving themselves to the nine to five. Telecommuting to work from Maine has helped many big time.

A little commute from home to work and following the bread crumb trail back is healthy.

Because you can shift gears. Have a little pause, space to prepare for the decompression from an action packed day at the office, factory, out in the field. Much of the year my “commute” is 32 feet from home to work.

Two things cause the need for gobs of time spent getting to and fro from home to work. Too many people to move around, avoid hitting on the way into the urban office. The conveyor belt to deliver the workers is big, cumbersome. And add some inclement weather to the roller coaster ride and chaos happens. Expect longer delays, waiting away from the home where you long to be, where your heart is parked.

The other cause of major portions of your life allocated to travel back and forth to work is employment.

What you are trained to do, good at or just pulling down steady employment may mean another zip code far away from the one from the one where you mail gets delivered. You do what you have to do to put food on the table, keep the lights on, home fires burning right?

The trick to steady employment living in rural Maine is to live small. Spend less. Save more. And always find a niche, employment where for the most part, local is your audience for customers. But using the Internet, harnessing it’s vast exposure power. To put the small burg on the map. For a greater client pool to draw from, peddle services, goods to in scratching away a living. To keep you, your family clothed, fed, warm, safe, secure. They say love will find a way. If applied to anything you enjoy doing in life, relationships. Where that passion propels the labor put in and the paycheck return that comes out the other end of the pipeline.

How Do You Handle Waiting, How Fast Would You Like Life to Go Video.

Or Is Time Standing Still, Tension Building Excitement Causing Video

Life ticks by regardless.

No matter how you use it. Rack and stack, pack it. Lock and load. Time sifts by. Like the red hour glass sands that the terrified pig tailed girl with the small dog found out. Dressed in blue, white and clicking her ruby red sparkling slippers on script cue. How concerned are you for the time wasted waiting? And is that the pause, space between events to catch your breath? The only time to reflect, search inside and spend time with yourself in transit from A to B?

Waiting for good or bad news. Routine check ups. While pretending to read outdated magazines in a dentist, doctor’s office waiting areas. Or killing more time in the dark car repair reception nook droning out. Detaching, day dreaming. Tilting your head back. Cranking your neck high to see the hoisted now being fed to you sight and sound. On the reality show boop tube production blaring loudly to drown out thought, conversation. To those huddled, hunkered down. Next to the same strong smell of day old or more Joe steaming in the Mr Coffee maker canister pot.

Maine, what are you waiting for? Come for a day, end up staying a lifetime.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker