Maine Is Small Town, Simple Rural Living.
Maine Moonlight Shines The Way, Time Yet To Move On Down The Line To Simpler Rural Living?

Mainers are fiercely independent, resourceful, proud of their small towns.

And each one is unique, special because of the people who live there. Make them shine. Stand out. Like the stars dotting a Maine night sky. The surroundings help. The natural back drop creates the perfect setting for simpler Maine rural living. Something folks in a crowded, expensive urban setting have been missing. Trying to locate. Forgot existed except in history or canned movies from the town with the white letters on the hillside.

The small Maine town members, population have a greater stake in the community too. All of them. Because each is a corner stone of the social fabric. When there are less of us here to drive the fly wheel. To each year pick your events. Step up to the plate. Sign up, pitch in, work the local activity you can. Which all cause a deeper love and appreciation of the small Maine town. There is a strong connection among the individuals in rural areas where everyone is pretty self sufficient. Has a personal stake in what happens in the rural areas of Maine.

The life template you apply to a small Maine town is so vastly different than the filter you screw on, the lens you look through in a big city, urban area.

Instead of expensive productions where companies put on events and tickets to the venue are peddled, even scalped, it is home grown. Small investment of funds, major helpings, portions of volunteers time. Poured in talents, blood, sweat and tears. That’s what you find served up family style in a small Maine town.

More skin in the game is part of the deeper attachment. More of your personal effort to go over the top in the areas you have a skill set, aptitude for and because when you look over your shoulder, there is not a deep tier, row after row of replacements. To step up and take over if you decide to drop out. Small town individuals count on each other. Everyone is working hard to help row the boat.

There is nothing stronger than a Maine volunteers heart.

Especially if tied to something involving our kids. Just attend a couple home town sporting events. A local school play production or church bizarre. Or a benefit supper for a family in a bad way. Struggling with medical bills, serious illness or a loss of everything fire, other tragedy caused. Take in, watch a regular civic group fund raising for a local cause activity and whoa. It hits you as pretty darn impressive, special.

Get out of the way. The volunteers highly organized, well orchestrated, lubricated.

Seasoned with experience from the grass roots up. Built from scratch with what’s available and with a wish list created. So others add to the stew. Many contribute in lots of little ways. So eventually the entire town pretty much is on board, involved in some fashion. That is a very special experience to behold when you live in a small Maine community. Anything can be done with a spark that grows into a passionate fire with that kind of chemistry going on in a small Maine town.

Boatloads of creative spirit to put the event over the top. Make it memorable, special and causing other local community members to find their niche. Seek out “what can I do, how can I help” for a segment of events. To close ranks, join forces. Come aboard to put their shoulder where needed. To inject one big give it all you’ve got heave ho shove, push. You don’t just live in a small Maine town and spectate. Don’t hang around the shadows of the side lines. You are pulled into the fray.

You don’t move, relocate to an area of Vacationland and expect everyone to come knocking at your door anxious to meet you either. You get involved, you take away way more because like a good relationship, you build it together, collectively. And go above and beyond what just one person could have accomplished all by their lonesome.

Maine. Is it like that this where you hang your hat, call home now?

Did it used to be but suddenly a stampede of people cruised in from all directions and whoosh. Air brushed out that special small town feeling the smaller zip code used to radiate? Was it lost in the shuffle of the hustle bustle? Consider Maine, bring that job with you telecommuting. Feel stronger connections online, off line too in the Maine small town simple living lifestyle that is waiting when you are ready. To bail out of the city, to start enjoying life, living healthier, happier in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker