Life picks up speed or maybe you realize the velocity of it all when you find chunks freed up turning one of its corners.

Child rearing full time if done right should and does consume a parent. So will building a career. Getting it off the ground. But when empty nest happens, or retirement knocks at the door, a person notices in their life the miles per hour radar check print out. Shows we all have been speeding. Going way way too fast.

Unless poor health takes over standing at the time clock check in and out daily ritual, sometimes the issue is the habitual living for tomorrow mode we are stuck in. When this won’t be a problem, when this is paid for, when you fool yourself you’ll have more time. You have the time now. It is how you chose to use it. Fill your days. Reach for the bottle of moderation. Crack it open, pour a little out to season your daily activities diet.

Maine is a place where community involvement happens. Each of possess gifts, talents that make us unique, distinct.

We are taught the value of simplicity. The importance of solitude built into your daily hokey pokey of sensory stimulating events. Natives, full time Maine residents live in a state many only outside get to visit once in a life time. Or that try cramming the entire state into a seven day vacation capsule annually during the return visit. Experiences harvested to take back to the hustle bustle of city living that they have to strap on the other fifty one weeks of the year. Maine is the band aid for their gunshot wound, inner city bruises in rough neighborhoods. A temporary fix, a something to do when they have more time destination. Some day is too late to land here. Once a year or lifetime does not cut it.

Life is simple, we are the ones guilty of making it too complex. The happiest days are when we had little, were starting out and full of wonder, excitement, hope, faith and ambition. Everyone was poor financially but did not know it. Because of being grateful, rich in appreciation and saddled with an attitude of having more than enough to accomplish much. Kids, youth know how to have fun, apply a sense of fairness to keep everyone in the game. Not taking their bat and ball and heading home.

Discovering in our own Maine backyard all we need to thrive is right here.

No need to travel to mountain tops and spend time with gurus, monks, wise hermits to unlock the life keys to happiness. Cook your food on an open fire camping at Baxter Park’s South Branch Pond. With the full moon shimmering on the smooth as a bottle lake top. As a moose to your right feeds on reeds, chutes, new growth of shoreline tree branches. Sharing the landscape as you hear an occasional Maine loon call, the constant sound trail of crickets in concert. After a never fade memory making day besting Mt Katahdin, a yearly trek as important as a doctor’s check up.

Pick a season, lock and load a back pack. As you lace up, secure hiking boots to explore a Maine trail. As you swish swish on boards to cross country or down hill ski powdery new fluffy snow. As you rack focus your tripod camera studying a Maine light house offshore, birds in their natural habitat, the fall foliage explosion of colors Jack Frost controls, conducts.

Come meet the people of Maine, the spark, the drive of one of the 108 small towns that makes her special.

Learn what locals already do about life, balance, moderation, volunteerism and family. Maine, the way life should be. Used to be like every other place until that simple honest approach to living was lost. Thanks for following our Me In Maine blog posts!

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