Who are you, no really who are you…what makes you tick?

Never has the effort, process of “finding oneself” been more pronounced than today in society. How did so many people become lost, and who’s tending the day to day activities, minding the store?

Personal days taken away from work and sick days used as one more way to play hookey from our professions. Work that satisfies is a job you never have to struggle a day at in your life right? But as labor becomes less fulfilling, more automated, the void to fill that space needs a sympathetic family, an understanding, supportive partner. And activities that energize, are plain downright fun, enlightening.

That’s where Maine comes in on the time you log on the life treadmill for self improvement, the quality of living.

The four season outdoor space to think clearly. To dial up your awareness levels of what is really important to a person in life. Your life. Not the one lead by the advertising marketing folks for an illustration of how you should do the two step, twist, line dance. But good old, one and only you. What’s it gonna be sailor, mister man, chummy.

What defines you and the direction you need to take when change happens helps if you like where you live. If you are in the right place and just know it. Feel it in your bones, deep in your gut. And when more is expected of you on the local level in a small Maine town which all are, there is more a sense of contributing to the greater good. And less sitting in the corner and taken out of the game by your own devices or option to be selfish, all to your lonesome.

The process of self discovery never ends.

But the fear of the loss of living a life to its fullest gnaws at a person brought up to be an over achiever. Taught to expect not just good but great, spectacular. Over the top, as big as life and twice as frightening things to happen pretty much round the clock in their short stints on planet Earth. Our competitive society preaches bigger, better and be all that you can be. Whether wearing Army green or not. Having fun in Maine in the process.

No one is keeping score. Stop. Oscar Wilde said “only the shallow know themselves”. The process of self discovery never ends. Because we continually grow, change and never cease learning. The weaknesses, blind spots, stubborn lines in the sand drawn by ourselves when we dig in. Stand crossed arm at a halt and dug in on what we call principle warrants examination. The limits, filters we apply to live that rob the harvest of all the experiences start and end from within. Not our surroundings. Not another person, not any woulda, coulda, shoulda’s.

But the baggage, mortgage from earlier life paths that took a wrong turn can be viewed from another angle.

No more regret. If you chose to glean the good from any event. Squeeze, ring out the juice of knowledge that is the take away if you study what was your role. Ownership of it instead of the default survival knee jerk of typical denial is slid on a slide under the microscope. The inner workings of your heart, mind, soul. You are that channel and how is the reception of the broadcast coming in on your small set of rabbit ears? Learn anything worth sharing? Let’s compare notes. Share the puzzle pieces each of us has earned, collected, possess that the other needs.

Why you react the way you do and why can’t others be who they are on the same stage under the smoking hot lights and behind the orchestra pit? Scrutiny, critical and self flailing needs to wave the white flag. Come out of the foxhole into the sunshine, fresh air, to embrace a new day. Maine, the place to set the next scene in act two or three, whatever count you are up to in the life journey.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker