Four Season Outdoor Living In Maine.
Make Your Own Trail, Find Your Way In Maine.

There are two kinds of alone. The one where someone is painfully missing.

Creating a void, a gap, a hole. That completes you. And the kind that you relish, need and actively seek. To collect and tidy up scattered thoughts rolling around in your head. To make the time, set the stage for the essential space to yourself. All by your lonesome. Except no one is pining away. Self inflicted for healthy reasons, something you enjoy doing as an army of one.

Why is just me, myself and I time needed but somehow a taboo, shunned condition in society as a whole?

Maybe because being social is everything. The person with the most friends, likes, followers is a real Pied Piper of People Pleasers. But what about you? How are you built, wired? How do you shuck and jive, move and groove, hokey pokey? Hey. You can not find out if working the crowd and surrounded by people. Ones telling you to do this, don’t do that. Or self absorbed and a major bore. Or nice as punch but you just need a break from to do what you want, need to create. To unplug, recharge and get centered in your space.

Relaxation is a long word meaning lots of the same list items to achieve it. Many of the not so similar things people build into their life for meaning, healing, maintenance. What builds inner joy, what causes peace inside a person depends on the individual right? We come in all sizes, colors, speeds and some are out going loud and proud. Others more in the background and strong in silent ways. And we have the inbetween. Vocation more than vacation types happen too.

Maine is a great place to have time to yourself.

Because with 11 people per square mile where I live in the Crown of Maine, that space translates into don’t have to look far to find a getaway. A private lake to kayak, a hidden trail unexplored to hike. A sunset capping off a special private day outdoors in Maine. Your lungs filled with fresh air, clean water, blue skies. Collecting another experience reflection life puzzle piece. For quiet contemplation. No one to interfere or rob that moment anywhere in sight or ear shot. Raw, real, unfiltered and all natural that hits you deeply. Splits you wide open. Removes the knots.

Disengagement for the body and mind. Not on a yoga mat. Inside a church either. But outdoors blown away, swept to a place of tranquility. To collect your thoughts. Or just spend the day at your own pace. Imposing your own speed limit, not someone else’s who may be on your bumper pushing you from behind. Blowing their horn to get out of their way slow poke. Or inching along in front creeping and holding you up, slowing you down. Wasting daylight.

Disengaging for mind and body makes Maine a perfect setting.

Loaded with places to spend time with yourself. Or a small special group you bring to be away from the crowds. Hordes of people most have to put up with 24/7/365 if eight out of ten people have migrated to the urban areas of sprawl.

Private time you seek out, insert in your life is not a painful, desolate exile.

Not like time spent in your room when sent there to reflect on something you did wrong growing up. Alone, viewed by some as what, no friends? Like you are the next candidate for a one way air trip and parachute drop over Misfit Island. Where all the broken toys are sent, banished, hidden. Because they failed to meet the expectations of someone down in human engineering. Maine is a wonderful place to become total absorbed in your environment. To do your own thing. To have a solo and feel empowered, reliant, self sufficient.

Being alone, cut off for a spell, a need that reasserts itself through out life to figure things out, to just take a break. To quarter, split up life into smaller bite size pieces to savor. Chew on. To suspend time once in awhile. Before grabbing the safety bar, hoisting yourself with the Tarzan rope swing back onto the life conveyor belt. For many chasing the almighty dollar. Beyond enough for simple survival. But as a fuel for self medication. A whole lot of retail therapy, booze, drugs, over indulgence of man made something that does not last, is not real, is not Maine.

Get away from the deafening sounds of the city, to listen to your own inner voice, heart, mind. To remove the static, to spend time with yourself. Don’t ignore or close off those inner channels. It is what the place with the space dubbed using only one single syllable word is about labeled “Maine”. Ready, waiting, whenever you need a destination to check out up here in the right hand corner of the country.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker