Maine Moose Seen A Lot In Vacationland.
It Was Hunting Season, Told This Maine Moose On My Farm To Run And Three Week Hide.

Questioned a lot on what type of Maine wildlife, the animals of Vacationland someone can expect to see.

Well, sorry to share, break the news no polar bears in Maine. That’s arctic circle, not Maine. Just like our weather being four seasons and not frozen tundra wasteland.

We down hill and cross country ski, snow sled, ice fish, slide down hills. Play pond ice hockey. Skate, shoot, score the puck. Follow winter orange basketballs around parks and rec leagues, Maine high school, college gym levels. No winter hibernation snoozing, napping happening.

So no Maine polar bears. Sorry.

No brown grizzlies dismembering kids either. Just very shy, passive black bears. That do have a weakness for jelly filled donuts. Something sweet the only bait you need to see more of these smaller four legged woods creatures. Oh yeah. Farm fresh Maine corn just coming on in your garden is no secret with black bears. Who visit late at night when the scare crow is off duty.

Come to Maine expecting to capture white tail deer on film or for the freezer.

Larger moose you don’t wanna run into driving at night. They are dangerous, emergency room trip causing hood ornaments. That’s why hiking Baxter Park, biking, or horse carriage riding around Acadia National Park you will see deer, moose up close. They are not in attack mode. Just want to eat, start a family, not bother anyone. Living for the weekends like you and me.

The Vacationland state portal has lots to say about Maine wildlife, plant life. On a summer lake or pond, you will come across, hear and see three kinds of Maine loons.

Types of Maine fish to expect. Game birds in Maine. You’re on, up. Shake a tail feather.

Trapping regulations for Maine show what’s living in the woods too. Less people translate to more wildlife in Maine. Think like a fox? Where would you rather live? Maine or South Boston, near the Bronx Expressway? Exactly. So leaving garbage out, causes Maine wildlife damage. They get hungry, you become the drive through.

Coyotes are not my favorite Maine animal postage wildlife child.

But Maine biologists talk about letting them be, or dysfunctional wandering Maine coyotes replace the ones we take out, remove from the local habitat.

That’s a wide world of Maine wildlife round up. Hope the links, this blog post is helpful in your search for information. That’s why we crank them out. Maine, she grabs your heart, won’t let go. And you won’t mind a bit once you are bitten, smitten.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker