Maine Animal Shelter Adopted Pets Need Love. Just Like You.
Scratch Behind My Ear, Stroke My Soft Yellow Fur, Hear My Purr.

The state of Maine has lots of animal shelters.

Dogs, cats, horses need homes and are waiting for successful lasting pet adoption. Here are a few examples of Ark Sanctuary cats looking to go home with you. The animal placement of a dog is more than a cute photo and the name of the pet too. Making sure you know the animal and can consider if your home situation and lifestyle is the right fit, means the adoption sticks, lasts. Which is a win-win for both of you.

The state of Maine cat /dog sale regulations spell out the do’s and don’ts so learn the ins and outs up front. Horses in Maine up for adoption happens too! As part of the search for the right pair up, thorough details on the background, history of the animal is part of the horse selection /placement process. Information, highlights like “Little Ginger has had a rough past, but her will is still strong. Ginger is nervous to trust but desperately wants to! This 4 year old filly needs a steady hand, and someone to love her unconditionally.”

And just like human baby adoptions, there are Maine animals with special needs where the find a home interview process goes to even deeper levels.

Addition checks, balances and investigation needed. To seek out that unique, loving and patient person willing to with open arms and a strong desire adopt a pet that needs extra skill from the new home provider.

My Aunt Ruth was a horse lover, had two particularly special horses that were 32 and older. Not for riding and the saddle long ago removed and hung up for these more friends, companions than animals. Stardust and Melody lived to their ripe old age with a caring, loving woman giving them the extra attention and love they needed, deserved.

I have a small Maine farm for sale with rescue horses living their days out very comfortably too.

The Maine home and land owner bought a fifty acre land property and has built a bigger barn. To house more horses once her old place sells. Bigger than a cat or dog pets, from out west. Meet them in the Maine horse farm video.

Horsing around, enjoying their days. Their small farm horse barn box stalls are immaculate. They have a radio playing for entertainment while she is away at work. Her lunch hour spent sharing a snack. They are her babies, like kids. The horses can run in and out of the barn and get away from the wind or rain. Have a brook, view, plenty of green pasture grass. Get lots of attention, good nutrition from top shelf grains, quality hay she and her husband farm cut, bail, stack themselves. Nothing colic causing, no golden rod or junk musty flakes of hay for these like her kids horses. Regular vet and blacksmith farrier visits. Dental health not neglected, say cheese. (Whinny, neigh, snort sound.)

These transplanted, adopted Maine horses are kick up their heels happy, like the farm owner.

And the rescue horse adoption was not just an instant snap your fingers quick process either. Background personal and farm property checks, a year’s probation while the horse is in your possession, under your care happens. To assure the bounced around misplaced horse, pet with a troubled past has a life from here on out that is not so unstable, uncertain or rough. And lives pretty much happily ever after. Learn more about western rescue horses up for adoption.

Have a place, the space in your heart and home to adopt a Maine pet? Lots of options, places to start the process to add something extra special to your life. And you make the world of difference, bring out the sunshine in their days on Earth.

Maine, the place with the space. And really neat people, drop dead gorgeous scenery too!

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker