Finding Out How To Avoid "Stinking Thinking" Her Four Sons Learned From My Mom.
How To Avoid Stinking Thinking, To Capture Your Thougts The Four Sons Learned From My Mom.

Develop what you already have deep inside but locked up, if not worked on daily.

Sounds like wise enough advice right? Maintenance of your inner workings to maximize the experience during the short time on Earth. Like lifting the hood on the car, truck, SUV you drive to check the fluid levels. Adjust the richness, leaness of the fuel and air that make the wheels go round and round.

But unfortunately people get comfortable or lazy or prideful blind.

Or just drift like a rudderless boat in the wind, breeze at the time. To and fro and maybe adding frustration to wishing things around you were better. When looking inside for adjustment is the key. But blaming others is the default mode of choice. Think about it, approach it differently. Happiness, contentment is an inside job requiring surrender.

Mom called it “stinking thinking”.

Everything you do is thought about first. Like putting an order in to the kitchen after studying the menu options. The way you behave is motivated by a belief. Your attitude prompts, kicks you in to gear for the action you decide to take.

How you think determines the way you feel. We are a selfish bunch, out to set the world on fire. Seeking fame and fortune until wisdom, maturity is developed to show what really matters most in life. Others.

If you and I think only of our own needs we become talented at receiving, collecting.

But bankrupt in the department of giving to others. It is better to give than receive. But until, unless you do it on a regular basis, it is easy to get one raised eyebrow on that advice from folks not in the habit of serving others. Scratching their head in a competitive society that promotes number one. It’s all about you.

My oldest son had a girlfriend who’s Dad made the most exquisite hand weaved pack baskets. And as the daughter lamented, his “lungs are full of sawdust”. From decades of perfecting the craft of preparing the brown, white ash and other wood materials for the delicate craft of the soon becoming lost art of basket weaving. The girlfriend selflessly gave Alex the best, last basket her Dad will ever make. Whoa.

Letting go of something made for you out of love by someone older, feeble and not able to replicate it. Something you don’t trot in to Walmart and pluck off the shelf to red lazer scan on the way out the automatic doors. I pointed out to my son that act of giving shows you how dedicated, how much she thinks about you to give up a possession hand made by someone she loves, her Dad. The act shows what you mean to her son.

The “giving away something held dearly” attitude also helps you and I travel light too.

Not to get in to the materialism rut treadmill so many around us are on because of highly effective advertising. Or because the momentary ritual of purchasing something gives fleeting feelings of well being that wear off. Hankering something’s power weakens when you possess it. As the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sing “give it away, give it away now”. It creates as One Eskimo puts to song an “Amazing” feeling to form our time as one in a relationship.

Love life. More. Study how you are wired and why. Inside focus not outside so you don’t go backwards. For life changing so you don’t stand still frozen, stagnant. Get on your knees. Not just once a week or a handful of holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Count your blessings. The heart of the matter is deep down in places not many are allowed to see inside. Maybe even areas we ourselves don’t visit often, are strangers to. So the spiritual inner personal garden gets no weed, feed, love and attention.

Maine is the place to visit often. To reach deep natural spots in Vacationland to arrive at special areas within yourself at the same time. Free of clutter, not wall to wall people and loaded with wildlife, scenery of woods, fields, waterfront of all kinds. Maine, find the space, your place.

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