Find A Happier You Living In Maine
Maine Is Outdoors, Not Chrome And Glass, Gold Fancy. But Outdoor Natural Stunning Beauty. Come Sample ME.

The talents, skills you have that are unique to your personality are very much needed in a small Maine town.

Because fewer people and the “pitch in attitude” means you would be missed if you stepped away. You have a greater purpose and are way way more involved. You know your neighbors well because your leisure time is putting together local community events.

More and more phone calls, emails with a common theme, lament, okay whine.

Hearing in person from folks living in crowded cities that they are not happy. Have been in a funk. Had the condition for some time now. And starting to realize it is not their mate. But the surroundings of where they live that is causing strain, cracks. Coming up short.

Something is missing and life is flying by. Many live in fear of crime, gangs. Others just say their day to day is a big bone tiring race. Too hectic and the cause of the truck tire forming around their waist. All that gray hair or loss on whatever was on their heads.

And the sobering realization that they could never afford to retire where they live now. Nor would they want to although their area was at one time a neat place to call home. Before all the people moved in. And life changed big time. When the cost of living became nose bleed high across the board for everything. Everywhere they turned. Permits, regulation overload and being taxed to death left and right takes its toll. Causing many to consider a Maine move, retirement relocation to the Pine Tree State.

Or worry about raising their kids in an urban area, not in Maine is making them have second thoughts on where they should be living.

You don’t move to Maine to make a giant salary. You take money out of the equation. Find it is cheaper to live here. Because your fun is low or no cost when you are lucky enough to live in Vacationland full time. Maine housing, real estate price tags are a fraction of other places. And the long list of what we don’t have that includes traffic, people insincerity, often a mortgage, is just as special as the four season unspoiled beauty of Maine. All by themselves. There is space in the place called Maine.

What some spend only one week a year to see is at your disposal year round when you live in Maine.

Alpine ski a Maine hill or cross counry ply a field on a sunny winter day. Climb Mt Katahdin or a myriad of other hills of different degrees of difficulty other seasons. Spend time kayaking a Maine lake. Fishing a hidden stream. Biking a park way perimeter roadway. Hunt, hide out, collect images shooting photos. Of places that depending on the season, your place in life can look so vastly different. Clarity and awareness happen when you spend time in Maine. You appreciate the little things in Maine more.

Plant and grow your own Maine farm food to know what you are putting in your body.

Feeding your family at the daily meals. Gaining the independence, self reliant feeling do more and more yourself. Not hiring it out. As you become the Jack of all trades by necessity. And find you are more connected with other neighbors down the road after the same richness, quality of living. Safe place to raise their kids.

Examine the images of Maine and see if it stirs you. Hits an inner special place. Find what you are looking for, what is missing in Maine. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker