Maine, Realize What Is Happening Around You Easier Here. Slow Down.
Maine, Sit A Spell, You Can Catch Up, Spend Some Time With You.

Wouldn’t you agree most people are well intentioned, want to get along in life relationships?

But tolerance to others not like you. Concessions, pulling back and surrender is a life long exercise to grow, expand and broaden your outlook on what happens around you. And how you react to it. Some folks feel threatened when others don’t look at situations, issues, other people or religions the same way.

If you are secure in who you are, what you believe, accepting other viewpoints is not so difficult.

It’s healthy. Means you don’t stagnant or become a stick in the mud. Stuck in a rut that can rob from you if you don’t open your eyes, ears, heart and mind to consider another way of looking at the world around you. And the people surrounding you in life’s fish bowl. It removes the need for a lot of the defensive barriers that limit our relationships too.

And changing your mind comes easier. Is okay as others challenge what earlier you might have clung to dearly as gospel. And the need to automatically challenge them, not let it go. The ability to stay flexible and consider have you ever looked at it this way, a new way instead. Can open doors wide, create clear pathways to other limitations we inflict on ourselves that make us scared, stationary. Taste, feel, embrace life, don’t waste it.

And as much as you and I are fifity fifty, evie stevie our Moms and Dads in the DNA department, we don’t have to only stock our cupboards with just what we were taught through conditioning growing up.

There is plenty of extra room to add our own outlook on life and to modified or totally change the belief system we adopt to guide us through our short time passage on Earth. To add greater meaning, depth and avoid being a clone. Or just treading water with only surface living when life can be so much richer.

You and I are different. Not deficient, just approaching life from some of the same angles, a few that are not radical but not the same either.

Agreeing to disagree.

Because finding someone that is a carbon copy would be boring and needle in the haystack futile. It’s okay to criticize and tear down the old ways of thinking and beliefs we may have carried around in life up until today. And it is critical to find unity in relationships, marriage for them to survive, prosper and go to deeper more meaningful levels.

So the best is yet to come situations do show up right on schedule. Often the change of one viewpoint leads to revamping others we used to hold near and dear. Why not? See what you were missing courageously. Lose the insecurities that sap your inner peace but maybe that you just did not recognize. Or one by one take the time to examine. Maine gives you the outdoor space to hear yourself think. To consider other ways to lead your life or determine that you are on the right track in this, this and that department.

So work is involved in accepting new ways to look at situations. Some decide they are too busy, now is not a good time. Spending time in Maine will change all that. Maine people decide it is easier to keep it black and white simple living. And not to automatically hold, cling to all the truth’s maybe their parents instilled. But why not together hammer out and explore joint solutions to find common ground for the peace everyone desperately seeks in relationships? And without guilt that you don’t hold all the same viewpoints or approaches to life your parents did in an earlier generation.

Maine, Hear Others, Yourself Think Easier.

You can still keep loving someone but not agree with them on every point on every issue.

Diversity and yes, our own individual idiosyncrasies are the color that make it more than black, white, shades of gray bland, predictable, ho hum. Discover who you are together with folks you trust, enjoy, respect around you that Maine is full of. Down to Earth, what you see if what you get. Who they are without the games, spin, insecurity. Lose the uneasy insecure, vulnerable feeling in Maine.

Maine, less people, no pushing shoving hurry scurry. A place to relax, hear yourself think because it’s four season gorgeous. Less populated. Not wall to wall people to deal with or avoid. Find your space, your place in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker