No Doubt Where The US Canadian Border Starts, Stops.
Pick A Side, On The Maine USA Border Crossing Looking In To Canada

Maine, Are We Near Canada?

To be on the US Canadian border is neat, special and the question comes up regularly “how close” are we to the country with the great hockey players waving the red maple leaf flag proudly.

This image pretty much sums it up. I listed a Hodgdon Maine farm property yesterday and one photo can spell it out clearly, without a doubt that we are right on the USA Canadian International Boundary.

Maine, are we near the Canadian border?

Half our relatives are from Canada to begin with and it is amazing how often we get asked is it dangerous living that close to the border? I chuckle because Canadians are not the enemy, they are family.

The only temporary friction might be when your kid on ice skates is across the border, way ahead in a hockey game but suddenly gets blown out, loses.

And our pride for our team is bruised, gets a little bent out of shape. Until the next match up on the sheet of ice on this side of the Maine US borde. And the results flip flop, reverse.

Since 911, that US Canadian International Border crossing also represents one major labor contributor to the local job economy too.

It is sad 911 happened, but the good that comes out of tightening up the US border is more employment of US Customs, Immigration, Border Patrol employees. And the goods and services locally that that beefed up US Canadian border represents in local sales that would not be there otherwise.

Come up to see the US Canadian border.

Cross in to Canada, either the Atlantic or Quebec provinces. And see how lucky we are to be at an International border crossing. For cultural exchange. Come see how some of your notions about Canada may need some updating, serious revisions. I an fortunate to live in the border town of Houlton Maine in a state far enough to by rights be in Canada had the lines been drawn just a little differently years ago.

Are we near Canada living in Maine?

canada quebec near maine
Always Close To Canada! Love To Head From Maine To Canada!

Yes we sure are.

Depending on the value of the American dollar, the Canadian looney, it can be a good economic boom to either side of the USA International Border with cross country traffic. Lots of Maine milk dairy products, gas car fill ups and turkey head from the USA in to the Canadian provinces from my home town of Houlton Maine.

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