The weather was wet, the enthusiasm of the Maine State Soap Box Derby Racers hot in Houlton ME’s 2011 running.

Tech day to make sure all the stock and superstock cars were safely put together by driver and his or her support team happened Friday. The video background sound from the hail on the Millar Civic Center roof is loud at some points as it pours cats and dogs outside. Watch the Maine 2011 soap box derby video.

Super stock car winner Frankie White of Houlton and stock car winner Chris Bruen of Hampden will both be heading to Akron Ohio for the 74th All American Soap Box Derby Race In Akron Ohio July 23, 2011. The Northern Maine venue is the only state race venue in Vacationland.

Soap box derby racers learn the “thrill of the hill” on Derby Hill, a specially engineered course carefully built to eliminate the many man hours taken to set up a race track on a neighborhood public street. And then tear it down, this year it would have been in the pouring rain.

If you are looking for a very worthwhile family event to participate in and volunteer for, you will be hard pressed to find anything better than Maine soap box derby racing program.

Initially started in 1934 the program has been a spirited, competitive family racing event across the nation. Now racers from around the world take part.

We met two race directors from St John New Brunswick Canada Saturday who came to watch our 16th event. The run a corporate derby race where each car is bought, built and the drive just shows up. The two winning division derby cars were in Houlton Maine to be delivered to Akron Ohio with Marty Sullivan, Derby All American District 10 director taking them back to New Hampshire. To help get them on their way to the big race next month in Akron Ohio.

One of the neat components of derby racing is the entire family from 8 to 17 can be at the event, competing in it. Good sportsmanship is emphasized and there are no losers of heats run during the Maine soap box derby events. The race is a double elimination event so many chances to work your way up the brackets of the heat sheet as a particpant.

Each car like the kid driving them have different personalities.

Like Nascar, with sponsors, many sponsors. And instead of exhaust fumes and deafening motor high rpm, the driver has to harness gravity and negotiate the faster way from the top of the hill to the finish line.

Our Northern Maine race is known as the Wayne Miller Memorial, in honor of a Houlton Maine racer who back in the 1960’s built a car, and like many locals headed to Bangor Maine for the state race. Wayne’s enthusiasm as a soap box derby car builder and racer is the backbone spirit, essense of the program we work hard to foster in Aroostook County. Maine, family first.

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