Maine open space, less people.

The perks for moving to Maine are many.

Often the reason for relocation is all caused by people. Too many people and the traffic, crime and hub bub where they are trying to move away from today. Just too many folks in a small area jammed together is it’s own torture. Maine is wide open space, unspoiled and common sense still works here. Folks are on the hunt feeling they are notin their right place under the Sun. Life is  short and should they pack it up but to go where? Maine, open space, less people. Find low cost inexpensive property to go hide up in Maine.

Why not move, relocate to Maine they ask daily on the phone, texts, emails and actual office visits?

Less people, lower population has it’s reward. Much of what you don’t like about an urban setting goes away replaced by wildlife, recreation trails and crystal clean lakes, rivers, ponds. And the people we do have are family first, hardworking and down to earth friendly.

It’s why this Maine real estate video caught the eyes and ears of 300,000 YouTube users on our video channel.

This property on a Maine mountain with an off grid log cabin and private lake lot waterfront access checked off all the boxes for many in the audience.

The 39 acres of Maine land and getaway property quickly went under contract. In Maine you get a lot more land with every property sale. Like extra helpings of Thanksgiving dinner but happening through out the year as a given. Maine, open space, less people!

This blog post about conversations I have in my real job listing, marketing and selling Maine real estate.

maine waterfront properties
Life Is A Lake In Maine. They Say The Waterfront Fixes Everything.

Today a caller from North Carolina asking about Maine real estate.

maine land cabin
Home On The Range… Er I Mean In Maine! More Space, Lower Maine Real Estate Prices, Less People Than Wildlife!

I’ll let you listen in and eaves drop on what he is sharing from his end of the signal. Jerry tells me when I moved to my small town in North Carolina, it was just 3 houses total on the country road. There was a peach orchard on one side of the road, another one loaded with apples across from it.

Friendly, small rural NC community where the couple lived stopped behaving that way.

Then it happened. The town’s 10,000 population doubled. Maine is not going through that kind of pressure or change but lots of states are!

Suddenly 4 subdivisions started up and here come traffic lights, slowing moving roadways and all these people. With the influx of population, the local government starts adopting lots of zoning regulations. Rules, ordinances and that’s what is needed to control growth and make things happen in an orderly fashion. In a short period of time, the neat friendly rural area in the country loses the charm.

What happened that caused the phone call to start the home work on Maine property listings?

farmers markets in maine
Many Home Grown Reasons To Consider Moving, Relocating To Maine! Farmer’s Markets!

People showed up in groves. Lots of nice people, families, retirees but just too many people. Crank your head and lose count of all the new faces and names. Suddenly showing up and not just for a week’s vacation. They are here to stay. It’s time to cash in the poker chips. Push away from the table and travel light to a place like Maine. As you get older and think retirement, Maine looks pretty attractive.

Why Maine?

Because the further up into the state you go, the less people, the friendlier folks are. And old time values returns. Manners, courtesy and smaller circles where people care about each other happens again. As you get away from being an hour or two from Boston, Maine gets sweeter. Rural means less or no people. You are not bothering anyone if the people thin out and why not let the World think nothing up here in say Northern, Western, Eastern Maine regions. (Smiling).

ice cream diary bars in maine
Had A Hard Day? Make It A Double, No Triple Black Raspberry Ice Cream At The Dairy “Bar”.

The next caller from Florida, lived there thirty five years and same story line.

Was a happy camper when their area of the Sunshine state area was smaller. Back in the days when everyone was personable, friendly and your property location was safe. You did not need to lock stuff up, install multiple security cameras to monitor brazen porch pirates. This potential Maine real estate buyer lost his brother who died in his early 50’s. He is thinking better make adjustments to enjoy however many years and quality of life he has remaining.

Then right after this call from Florida ended, on hold another inquiry on the other line. Picked up, a real estate office caller, another one from Montana. This real estate caller today told me he and his wife had sold a house in Wisconsin, another in Minnesota. They live in Montana and want to sell there to move to Maine. Both grew up on farms in Wisconsin.

Lower real estate prices, lots of water, all kinds of trees and less people are part of the Maine attraction

This out west Maine real estate buyer had been studying the community videos, reading blog posts on life in Maine. Over the back to back end of the year holidays, many are thinking I gotta move and why not Maine? These are just three of the new daily prospects considering Maine for the move and relocation. Others plan to make the move to Maine when their looming retirement date arrives!

Why do people want to move anywhere in life?

Economics because it is cheaper comes up near the top of the list. Number one is the setting, the four seasons natural wonder of unspoiled Maine. Less people is a driving force causing the move to Maine too. Here is a moving relocating to Maine checklist to consider to streamline the transition.

Years ago the move to Maine was often for religious freedom. For the offer of free land to help build new communities. Maine was not a state until 1820 and part of Massachusetts til then. Today moving to Maine is all about a quality of life. For raising a family or to enjoy retirement tapping into the countless recreational options. A lifestyle on a lake, being in the deep woods, on a farm, ski slope, in a river raft or kayak. Riding a horse, hiking up a mountain trail, sailing out to sea in a Maine coastal harbor. Take your pick.

Just wrapping up this hunt and peck Maine blog post when notification down in the lower right hand corner about a new out of country email. The real estate email reads ….

I saw your video about the 40 acres with cabin in Linneus, ME, (69,000 USD) and was wondering if the property is still available?
We used to live in Maine and own a house in Biddeford, but I currently work in Switzerland. 

We are interested in purchasing an off-grid plot with a cabin back in Maine (The Way Life Should Be). If that particular lot is no longer available, we would love to hear about other similar properties.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Are you living in Maine and grateful to be here?

maine kids learn work ethic
Earning Your Spending Money. Managing Your Own Savings! Creates Impulse Control & Life Skills.

Other outside and locally know how lucky we are for what we have and what is missing you don’t want.

It’s more than just a case of grass is always greener to move anywhere else. Happy New Year! Take inventory of how lucky we are to live in Maine. But realize what we have here is not like that many other places. Kids learning life skills and work ethic is one of the perks. Maine, open space, less people is not the norm, I hear how rough it is outside on a daily basis.

So if the low or no cost fun outdoors in Maine.

I went skiing with my youngest son and grand daughter Saturday at a small local Maine mountain. No charge for her being under five. $25 dollar lift tickets not $75 or higher for the adult skiers won’t break the bank.

Hearing her giggle and witnessing her down hill skiing skills steadily improve in just her second year of swish swish.

She is only four. It does not get much better than that. There is no better place to raise your kids or to start a business or to vacation or to consider retiring in Maine. It was a fun day at the downhill ski slopes. Get off the couch, shut off the device! Get to Maine, the way life should be! Maine, open space, less people.

Trying to showcase the four seasons of Maine and her drop dead gorgeous charm and natural beauty. To provide you readers with what is it like living in Maine’s nooks and crannies!  Trying hard to stock the information shelves with what it like here along with the photos, videos to back up the type. Thank you for following our Me In Maine blog posts.

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