Relocating to Maine, making the move.

The outward migration from city to country continues in the Northeast.

This blog post about why the move to Maine.

What to expect, why people pick Maine as the map location in relocation.

Packing up, breaking ties and filling out the change of address form. Your Worldly possessions sorted through to lighten the load for the trip north. The big heave ho, let’s go to Maine.

Green Bridge To Maine
Big Green Bridge To Maine. Lots More People Using It To Move To Maine.

Why do people move to Maine?

Here’s top of the list I hear daily from out of state Maine real estate buyers.

“Not happy where I live now. “

What are they not happy about specifically? Just too many people where they live on the planet. High cost of housing and tired of renting, wanting to own. Crime, traffic and simply where do all these folks come from crowing into their daily lives wonderment.

Maine is the 4th lowest crime area and lowest cost state for car insurance for a reason. Less people, less problems caused because of too many folks squished in your living space. The pressure to protect yourself and possessions is a big concern in large population areas. All that goes away in small rural Maine communities.

Out Door Band Music Concerts In Maine
Fun In Maine Is Low Cost, No Cost. Make Your Own DIY For Life Enjoyment.

When the city mouse travel to Maine on vacation, they notice how friendly Maine people are to each other.

Only natural beauty and space surrounds you when you live in a small rural community in Maine.

Skyscrapers and the wail of EMS vehicles fades away. Trees, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and wildlife replace your background. Hiking the trails of Baxter, skiing down Sugarloaf or Sunday River, slowly paddling a kayak on a bottle smooth Maine lake. Picnic lunches on the rocks over looking the Maine coastal waters at Acadia National Park. Just the tip of the what to do on vacation in Maine fun things options ton consider.

maine vacations on the waterfront
Life Is A Maine Beach. Salt Water, Fresh Air, A Summer Breeze At A Maine Beach.

Maine offers a four season picture book setting of backdrops to complete the relocation dream.

With this kind of setting and on vacation in Maine, why wouldn’t you wonder what if I lived in Vacationland full time? Waking up to everyday in paradise. How could you not consider relocating moving to Maine between the ears and behind the eyes? It starts with a simple three day long weekend trip to Maine and then feel the tug on your heart strings. You want to be air brushed into the Maine landscape more than once a year on vacation.

Maine is a contrast to most places.

Refreshing, unspoiled, not discovered and like the state’s motto, “the way life should be.”

A move, any relocation to Maine or anywhere is a change. The older we get, the less easy upheaval is for most. There is lament and regret tacked on to the life change bill when you really love certain aspects of wherever you live now. But migration to Maine, lots of reasons for the transition consideration after COVID. The move to Maine for what is missing, what a city setting can not offer in the concrete jungle.

homesteading farming in maine
Growing Your Own Food, Knowing Where What You Put On The Family Table Came From Today, Tomorrow, Next Week.

The move to Maine, is it self inflicted and free and easy?

Or was it a take it or leave it job transfer? Is the relocation to be closer to elderly parents who need more daily assistance? Or to be closer to grandchildren? The lower cost of living, smaller house prices and what you do for fun no or low cost. That’s a big part of the tug of war to get to Maine.

The motivation to move to Maine has many facets.

The state of Maine is in the top ten healthiest places to live. But at the end of the day, it all distills down into expectations from the actual move to Maine. What do you expect the relocation move to Maine to mean in your life today? Everyone wants happily ever after until “The End”.

get togethers for walks talks
Walks, Talks, Everyone Brings A Covered Dish To Enjoy. That’s Small Town Living In Maine.

Give and take, more or less in any relocation should be expected moving to Maine or anywhere.

Second question I hear from folks from out of state Maine real estate buyers ask is “are people friendly”?

Will I fit in? If you did not where you are leaving before heading to Maine, there is a big red flag. Don’t ignore it. Where you live now, why or why not do you feel warm and fuzzy?

Getting involved, being accepted means to have friends, you have to be one first. Are Mainers friendly and accepting to new people sharing the landscape? Honestly, it depends on how things play out after the move to Maine. Volunteer, be sincere, want to help and pitch in to make a difference. Do that and you are an asset to any community.

local small town community events
Small Town Living In Maine, What’s It Like? Home Made, Local Talent, Volunteers Pitching In.

Three barking very large dogs on a very small lot and using your neighbor’s house lot for creating lawn fertilizer. Those disrespectful daily habits could cause tension. Lose your place on the neighbor’s Christmas card list. So does talking daily about where you moved from and what you liked better about “back home”.

I have eavesdropped on conversations at a corner store stop for coffee and heard “how stupid the people of Maine are” about a variety of subjects.

It begs the question, why did you move here then?

If it is so great, why did you move? Remember you relocated, no one hooked a chain around one leg and pulled you to Maine. It was your idea to cut the ties to the other side of the Big Green Bridge. Lots of local resources for moving to Maine. Lots of things living in Maine that you will enjoy that were missing from your last out of state address. Plenty of what’s missing in Maine that makes you smile too. What traffic lights, what road rage, what porch pirate, etc living in small town Maine.

Moving to Maine means planning to volunteer.

Local home town proud Mainers are actively involved in their communities. You are going to be too for the easiest way to feel part of the local fabric. Just pitch in, try not to complain and be an asset.

maine vacations hammock lake
Reading A Book, Not A Care In The World! They Say Life Is A Beach. The Maine Waterfront In Maine With A Good Magazine Just Before Dozing Off.

Because you lived somewhere else, new ideas on how to make a local event even better the next time happens. There are so many ways to make a difference and everyone in the community glad you moved to Maine.

You take ownership of a successful event. A small Maine town is really like a big family. It is not uncommon to  find others moved to Maine before you from the same area you just left.

Ways to make others in Maine wished you had picked somewhere else to relocate.

Complain pretty much all the time about anything and everything.

Don’t volunteer but expect your neighbor to meet your every need.

Forget contributing to the local charities and being proud of where you live.

Put up way way too many no trespassing and keep out signs.

Don’t mow your lawn and make sure your property is a pigsty eye sore.

Play loud music round the clock and be a nuisance.

Argue with teachers, neighbors, the police on a regular basis.

Complain, find fault and never offer solutions.

Post your unhappiness all over social media.

You get the point. Be friendly, have manners, take pride in a community makes you an asset wherever you land in Maine. But easy does it. Making the transition relocation move to Maine takes time and the first year is critical.

In many ways simple living in Maine is becoming a minimalist.

If you are not happy where you live now, do some soul searching to study the reasons why. It may not be all economic reasons. More than just living cheaper thought about driving the bus to get you and loved ones to Maine.

Multi generation reasons to buy a lot of Maine land with the option for family members to all get their very own a piece of ME. Hear that reason for the move to Maine a lot too. Where else can you get all this unspoiled Maine land and for such a low cost per acre??

Maine Lighthouses Enhance The Sea Shore Experience.
How’s This For a Back Drop Reading Your Favorite Vacation In Maine?

For some it is starting over in a new relationship. Or putting the drama of where you live now in the rear view mirror as you head up Interstate 95. Did you come from a family of inlaws or outlaws and too much interference? Maybe smaller school classrooms, a better place to raise your kids is near the top of your move to Maine list.

Personal safety is right up there for many Maine real estate buyers picking Maine for relocation. It’s an investment buying property in Maine like hedging a bet. Feeling deep inside the World is changing and if all heck breaks loose, Maine seems a sure thing. Have many who bought Maine land, not done anything with it but enjoy knowing I own a piece of Maine. It does not make them preppers or end of the World doomsday predictors.

The last bit of advice relocating to Maine, moving to the Pine Tree State is sample lots more than one blog post or video.

Make the trip to Maine to look around and size her up before cashing in your poker chips.

Reading To Your Kids In Maine.
Maine Is Family, Teaching, Walking, Talking And Doing Things With Your Kids.
Watching A Parade In Small Maine Town
Watching A Parade Of Local Friends Family Neighbors In Your Small Maine Town. Part Of Living Here In Maine. Open Front Porches Used A Lot In Maine.

It’s ideal for many but all of us are wired a just a tad differently. Why the move to Maine is thrown into gear tied to a lot of personal factors. What do you hope to achieve moving to Maine? Today there are many strong online opinions on how you should lead your life. Not a lot of tolerance to other ways of doing it for some. Ever noticed vacation rentals for all the hints on the walls about Breathe. Relax, Nap. Laugh, Live, Love.

The biggest critics online have never been to Maine.

Or lived here for such a short period and in only one corner of Maine. Some have a vendetta. Like they are producing a 60 Minutes expose to save the World. Not the best resource when charting your life course on should you move and where if you do. Some critics are sincere, others would not be happy no matter where they live. The later are not the best to provide the list of reasons to move to Maine.

maine fall harvest produce
Tasty And Wholesome, That Is Maine Simple Living.

Living in Maine and not expecting a quick fix to what’s wrong that caused your relocation move means easy does it.

Stay positive and be sensitive to why so many love calling Maine their home. Realize where you left has some features you will miss. Many times it takes lots of people, a bigger population to offer this, that.

Is the gain and sacrifice worth it on your personal quality of life list of what’s important? Maine resources to help in the transition and doing your home work relocating to Maine .

maine small farms
Home On The Maine Farmstead. Lots Of Chores And Outdoors Year Round When You Decide To Homestead.

Relocatin To Maine … Cashing in on your house equity and toying with moving to Maine because just sick sore and tired of city life?

Getting more space inside and out is a big perk of owning and enjoying Maine real estate. Less rules and more control of your life. Pursuing an outdoor healthier lifestyle in Maine is way easier than a crowded urban landscape with over the top regulations, zoning, HOA’s.

Gardening, exercise, heating with wood, pitching in on the local level of community affairs. Maine scores top of the class for a simpler healthier lifestyle. But where you should be at this point in your life? Life is a series of continuous adjustments. Relocating to Maine involves lots of considerations and your real estate needs and quality of life needs change.

maine shellfish
Only Fresher Maine Seafood Is Still Swimming In The Sea,

Pretty high on Maine but what if your loved ones are somewhere else?  Have seen many make the mass exodus in this direction. More than one family member deciding let’s move to Maine to help each other out .

How’s the Maine real estate market today?

The outward migration to Maine still has the real estate market like playing musical chairs. In a nut shell, the real estate market nitty gritty is a tight market due to too much demand and a lacking inventory supply. This makes relocating to Maine mean expect to lose out on a big of multiple buyers after the same property listing.

Lots of qualified Maine real estate housing buyers in all sixteen counties.

But prices statewide in December a 9.23 percent price increase over a year ago statistics. With a 5.51 percent decrease in housing sales.

Watch real estate videos for Maine properties.

Videos for real estate are by far the easiest way to tap, slide, sit back and listen, watch, learn. Here to help whoever is reading this Maine blog post. To learn the lay of the land, to study the short cuts to make the transition less painful than it has to be. Glad will give you the local insider perspective as a life long native of Maine.

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