What’s learned living in rural ME that helps later on ?

This blog post is about your approach to living day to day when lucky enough to call home small town “Maine”.

Growing up in rural ME you learn life is a short movie.

That it is not just about you. The natural beauty of the plenty of space around you causes a peace so you can “hear” yourself think. You have an awareness that opportunities come and go so don’t get stuck or bogged down. Resourceful, hardworking small town Mainers don’t give up or look around for someone to blame.

maine lake sunset
Dozing Off In The Maine Lakeside Hammock. Thinking You Have Next Year’s Firewood All In Place.

Too often today, many are lost and reading self help books, hiring life coaches and struggling to find out what they know is missing.

The Beatle song about look at all the lonely people, where do they all come from. In small town rural Maine you worry about shut ins, elderly, folks that lost a child, the homeless. It’s all about the people themselves. Not me me me or me myself and I.

Helping out, service providing, being a good steward of the environment.

Working hard to do your part to protect your community’s simple easy does it way of living in small Maine towns.

Like the Eagle’s song about locks and not knowing we all possess the key to them. That you and I create some of the locks. But many are just challenges everyone to juggle.

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key. (Already Gone)

So lots of room around you helps to unlock the no where to run, no where to hide out until you process what is actually happening in your life at any moment.

And do you see a pattern? We all make mistakes but do we see them, learn from them or make changes. The way we view the events, people around us and interactions is key to not just living life. But squeezing more of the tasty natural juices out of it. In small rural ME towns, it easy to find others who want to make a difference and contribute to the experience living in one. Couple that experience with all the natural unspoiled beauty Maine offers and contentment happens.

In small Maine towns you see lots of prime examples to help you get over yourself.

So much is needed and everyone has talents. To use by pitching in and to doing more for the greater good. Collectively, the members of a small Maine town community can rise above and create success for all to enjoy. To soar like an eagle. Knowing you define yourself, not leaving it to others that might be a tad critical or over the top toxic.

maine coastal sunset photo
Welcome To Maine, A Place With Many Facets To Visit And Experience To Enrich Your Life.

Taking on roles in small ME rural towns. It helps shift your mind off your problems and think of others. Being industrious together, the spin off is look what we did. And what else can we accomplish collectively? It helps you stay on a roll. To know the small problems are temporary and this too shall pass. That there are bigger, more important “fish to fry”. Get to work.

In small Maine rural towns it is all about “if it is to be, it is up to me” thinking.

maine cabins cheap vacations
Log Cabin, Cheap Maine Vacation. All You Need Is Your Own Place, A Camp.

Nothing is holding you back or maybe it’s easier for some to blame anything and everything for their discontent. In Maine, we have lots of happy places to enjoy peace and quiet. To be deep in nature. There is no shortage of local community volunteering options to accomplish service above self. Not just a Rotary slogan.

The smallest in a family has roles in the household, small business operations or on the farmstead living in rural ME.

You learn the simplest skills like pick up after yourself. Show up on time. What being courteous looks like and how it makes you feel good about yourself. Kindness, consideration for others when returned keeps your spirits up. Energizes and creates a healthy base to build your life on.

Small rural towns in Maine offer plenty of avenues of service and volunteerism is a given.

maine blog happy new year
Maine. Happy Places. Lots Of Them, Way Way More Than A Few ! In Maine We Are Outdoors Everyday. Not Doing The Same Things, Dressed Differently.

No time to be lazy, no excuses used to maneuver around obligations in small rural ME towns.

Do you feel like life is full and rich where you live now? Hard work poured into something outside yourself is a beautiful thing. The earlier that industrious gene is developed growing up, the better life plays out along the way. Start with a small piece of Maine land to use for cheap vacations and then maybe more.

Like this Maine real estate land listings for little money, high return enjoyment.

So glad I live, grew up and continue to enjoy small rural ME community living.

All this drop dead gorgeous four season’s surrounds living in rural ME. Growing up here you learn plenty about happiness, keys to achieving and maintaining it. And vacations in Maine help change it up for you if where you are now is not so healthy. Come to Maine. Unplug and recharge in Maine with simple living easier to achieve.

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