Flowers on Maine Farms on autopilot.

flowers on maine farms
Flowers On Maine Farms. Some Tended, Many Come Up On Their Own.

I grew up on a Maine farm and the flowers around the 7 buildings pop up like clockwork.

My Dad orchestrated the field planting. My Mom wrangled the flower beds around the farmstead.

Years ago, bought the same family farm in Maine from my three older brothers. The rich fertile Maine farm dirt getss tilled, planted and cultivated tended with crops of organic produce of all kinds. There are sheep in the fenced pasture behind the second storage barn on the Maine farm. The chicken house had egg laying operations producing way way more than any family could possible consume.

You have to protect the chickens and ducks from predators like a fox. The fox has a family that likes chicken or duck dinners.

Mom and Dad are gone and relieved from the Maine family farm chores.

The farm field fields need yearly managing by others but Mom’s flower beds pop up right on schedule each year. While mowing the large farm lawns  one early evening this past week, I noticed Mom’s and Mother Nature’s tag team handiwork.

This is pair of images of one flower bed closer to the road at the set of farm buildings that are set back off US RT 2, Houlton Maine.

flowers maine farm
Flowers On A Maine Farm Pop Up On Auto Pilot, On Their Own. See The Old Hand Pump Water Well Painted White?
maine farm flowers
Careful Mowing Grass Around The Maine Farm Flower Beds! My Mom On Her Knees Planting And Tending Those Beds Is A Fond Memory.

The simple, fragile beauty of flowers hit me as I carefully mowed around the many Maine farm beds.

Mom had many and enjoyed the beauty the Maine farm flower beds produced. I miss and appreciate my Mom in many ways but realize the flowers returning year after year is a comfort reminder of her handiwork. I can see her being industrious and on her needs planting, weeding, tending the farm flower beds. Looking back, knowing the hectic schedule of farming in Maine year round, I wonder how she made time for her flower beds.

On her knees, digging and transplanting in the Maine farm dirt.

That is one recurring strong memory of many about my hardworking and loving Mom. Both Mom and Dad grew up on Maine farms and instilled in all four boys the love and beauty of the soil’s bounty.

flower vegetable gardens
Get On Your Knees, Smell The Flowers, Digging In The Dirt. My Flower Bed At Drews Lake Reminds Me Of My Mom.

Do you have a garden?

How green is your thumb? Would you like to own a Maine farm? A small scale truck garden with a roadside stand to peddle the produce is a wonderful thing. Locally sourced, farm to table home grown produce and a relationship with your local grower is key to good health. Yours and everyone in the community that trades with you.

At the local Maine farmer’s market, lots of your “sales” are bartering this for that with other local community agriculture vendors.

Where your food came from, what it was not sprayed with this growing seasons.

How the local Maine foodstuffs were raised from seed to final harvest to served up on your family meal time table.

farms in maine photo
Family Farm Owned, Enjoyed By Me In Maine Author Andrew Mooers. Potatoes, Grains, Strawberries, Roadside Stand Veggies, Even Sugar Beets Grown.

When you reduce it all down, what you eat and in what quantities matters most to your health right?

How your food is prepared. It all determines your focus on you and your family’s personal health. Too much salt, sugar, fat. Not good. Easy does it.  I am glad I was raised on a family farm in Maine and my four children learned valuable lessons from the raised around the career / lifestyle choice.

Watch another farmer’s market in Maine video for inspiration.

Please support local Maine agriculture.

Consider scratching, tilling, planting, tending, fertilizing, watering and harvesting local produce on a Maine farm. Even wild flowers like lupine grace the Earth on the Maine landscape.

pretty maine wild flowers
Maine Wildflowers. The Natural Beauty Of What’s Around Us Enjoyed Daily!

Watch a video of a small Maine farm for sale in Aroostook County.

Off to bush hog the farm pasture sections around the crop fields and along the roadways that define the boundaries.

The practice around the 4th of July is something my Dad would appreciate me doing to carry on the tradition. Keeping the Maine farm ship shape and presentable. Pride in your farm fields, keeping buildings in top repair. But also fragile, fragrant flowers on the Maine farm. It’s all part of the managing a farm property in Maine.

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